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WEAPON 'Drakonian Paradigm', ACRIMONIOUS 'Purulence'

Out as of Aug 10th, 2009 -

A C R I M O N I O U S - Purulence CD

…a tool to transcend consciousness to the most obscure realms of the subconscious, a trumpet that claims man’s futile carnality and doom…

1.Call To Disorder
i. Ordination
ii. Bliss Unto Suffering
2. Dissolving Spirals
3. Spirit’s Eclipse
4. Angel Withdrawn
5. At the Portal of Daat’
6. Purulence
7. A Star Within A Star

Also available!

A C R I M O N I O U S Logo T-shirts


W E A P O N - Drakonian Paradigm CD

Rusted nails that claw out of your skin; intoxicating stench of pigs' blood from the womb of the matriarch; paradox of life, deliverance to death:

1` Weapon.
2` Cacophony! Black Sun Dragon's Tongue!
3` Serpentine Ayat.
4` Mortem Pyre (In Darkness & Blood).
5` Archana.
6` Drakonian Paradigm: The Flame Of All.
7` Remnants Of A Burnt Mosque.

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