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PSEUDOGOD - Illusion of Salvation

In America, you spit on pseudo god. In "Soviet" Russia, Pseudogod spits on you. And not only with saliva, but also with it's first gruesome demo ILLUSION OF SALVATION. Since I personaly never was into Russian Black Metal, due to the fact that every band I heard of from there, fills Black Metal with NS, nationalism, pagan pride and similiar shit. So this recently discovered band was a real "venomous" antidote for my opinion.

Pseudogod's ILLUSION OF SALVATION, released in 2006 via Satanic Propaganda Records, consist of three nails that pierce through hands and feet of man. First song, O Luserp Sitativic, is an intro over one minute long, consisting of female choir sang bacwards. One might think that this is a cliché way to start, but it fits the ambient and the following desecration of other two songs perfectly. As soon as the intro fades out, the second song Bleeding With Pus Of Black Plague executes exactly that, what the first verses of the song are:

I came out of gloom

And crushed your hopes...

It blasts through in the vein of old-school Black Metal we are used to. Seven minutes of pure desecration to one's ears, makes the listener really hate himself and everything around. The thing most worth mentioning here is that bass guitar is heard, which is something very rare in Black Metal. Therefore it is good to see that Pseudogod treat all it's parts equally. From blasting drums, over raw guitars, to carcinogenic vocals. The production is not cristal clear, though; but raw and a bit muffled. Again, the way we are used to in Black Metal. The third and final song is Illusion Of Salvation. In the same vein as the song before, it speaks of the unworthy messiah failing at his attempts to die for sins of man. The ending of the song and demo is instant, giving the listener the desire to hear more.

Pseudogod is currently one of the most promising Black Metal acts to hail from Russia. Fanatics of raw and primitive Black Metal, be sure to pick this demo up, as well as their split with Blaze Of Perdition. And as Pseudogod state themselves...

The God gave to man a life, but PSEUDOGOD has destroyed all beliefs about life and has conquered flesh!

Keep destroying and conquering!

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