nedelja, 04. oktober 2009

NEKRIST - Slava Satan

Rarely these days you find a demo that makes a huge impact on you right after the first listening. And after that the more you listen, the more it grows on you. One of such demos is the demo from Croatian horde Nekrist with their self-released demo SLAVA SATAN from 2007.

The Demo SLAVA SATAN starts with a simplistic intro The March To Battle. Exactly that what it is entitled – a war march song. Starts with a snare drumming and soon after guitars shred your ears apart. It immidiately grants you the vision of thousands of corpslike warriors marching towards their ultimate goal – to destroy humanity. The next song is Slava Satan with a real ''in your face'' riff. As the song progresses it really gives you a feeling of how Black Metal should sound like for it already has all the important implements. Good old-school production sound, blasting drumming, agressive vocals, shredding guitars,… The next songs Lord Of Silence And Strenght begins with a majectic fast drumming that reminds you on the drum solo of Funeral Mist's song The God Supreme. Filled with memorable riffs it pleasures listener's ears in desecration. It is significant to mention the vocals, or should I rather say, beastial shrieks. An excellent effort made by the vocalist Kletvenik. Fourth song is Rog U Krvi (transl. Horn In Blood). Nothing special to mention, but a great song nevertheless. The last one (that is also my favourite on demo) is Orthodox Misanthropy. The song really lives up to it's title's name. Reeked with sheer violence it really makes you want to load up your shot-gun and go postal upon others and yourself, thus ending up either on evening news or Dawn Of The Black Hearts vol. 2 cover. Overall the songs vary one from another and keeping listener concentrated the entire time in this short, but bitter 20 minute demo.

Nekrist… We await your next raise of Goblet of Death for Satan!

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