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GRIGORI - Principivm et finis

In the name of our Lord, hails from New Zeland the mastermind Armaros of Grigori with his debut album PRINCIPVM ET FINIS, released in 2009 via Satanic Propaganda Records. After I first heard of this one-man band in 2007, I was very impressed with the material I heard in Grigori's first demo and after I heard first songs from this upcoming full-lenght album, I was anxious to get my hands on it as soon as possible.

Naturally, I was very open-minded and full of expectations when I first listened to this album. The first thing that comes surprising is the fact that this album dwells between two dimensions of melancholy and agression. The first psalm Litania I – Pestis begins with melancholical vibes that last almost six minutes. It bears everything one should expect: choirs singing and strange sounds in the back. Then slowly but suddenly, the guitars take over the melancholy with it's slow tempo. Towards the end, praises to Satan are spoken in Latin, which is the prophecy of the upcoming attrocities. The melancholy continues shortly into the second psalm Yours Are The Words That Resonate In These Halls. Soon, an interesting thing occurs – the guitars burst in unexpectingly with all it's sheer terror and accompanied with heavy drumming that now announce the aggressive parts. But only for a short time as it stops, only to burst out again. And as it appears, so it dissapears again to return to slower parts. What now could already be figured out, is that PRINCIPVM ET FINIS relies alot on melancholic ambience, but still is far away to be called Ambient Black Metal (or whatever). Let it also be known, that slower parts are not just basic drum rhythms, accompanied only with guitar chords. In second song, towards the end, these parts are filled with guitar harmonies that on moments remind me of Dissection (except this here is actually Black Metal unlike…). Another thing to mention, is that there can also be found acoustic parts – like in the third song Liberatio – Ars Moriendi. While I'm not particulary a fan of acoustic parts, they fit here extremely well. Especially when they are taken over by a distorted guitar. One last thing I must mention is a particular riff, that comes towards the end of the song Amongst The Pillar Of Fire And Ash. It is very memorable and very similiar to the opus of Glorior Belli; whilst they always have on their album a particular riff that is the most memorable (songs O Laudate Dominvs and Manifesting The Raging Beast). The only flaw I have with this album is the lack of tremolo riffs, but in the end this is just my humble opinion.

Grigori may be from a place no one would dare to think that Black Metal exists there… We were just proven otherwise.

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