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KATHARSIS - Fourth Reich
Many people thought that after the release of VVORLDVVITHOUTEND, the German cult known as Katharsis will split-up. The reason for such thoughts was due to their three full lenght album releases with each containing 6 tracks - so to speak 3 x 6 = 6 6 6.

We were wrong...

In the year 2009, released through French label Norma Evangelium Diaboli, the fourth full-lenght album was released entiteled FOURTH REICH - a bit decieving album title, but then again, remember the "14 words" on KRUZIFIXXION. The album itself in general is to some degree different, yet still same in the vein of Katharsis' music. As usual, the first song So Nails The Heart... Nails you straight to the heart with it's direct agressiveness - no delays, no teasing. Thus showing the listener that there will be nothing positive and joyfull to expect. Though not as agressive and oppressive as VVORLDVVITHOUTEND, it still creates the same ambient. Towards the end of this first track one can also hear,although muffled and very silent, clean vocals. Quite unexpected. The album continues with their second out of five songs called Eucharistick Funeral, another more than 10 minutes long song. Consisting the same combination of fast-paced and mid-tempo, it holds the listener in the same atmosphere as the beginning. Though the variety of different riffs so far is not big, the both songs are not monotonous. One who listenes to the album might ask himself at the end of the second track: "What the fuck have I just listened to?" But this should not be considered as a bad thing. Breaking into the third track Reckoning, the awakening of the listener begins with a guitar intro, which is followed by blasting drums. This 7-minuted piece of a bit avantgarde, yet still pure Black Metal riffs, works as a surprise to what is coming next. Emeralde Graves is something that at first may not be expected. It is a keyboard based ambient track that streches through five minutes and gives the listener that cosmic feeling, leading into transcendence. Sort of a relief from the agression from before. As expected, the final track, Sinn Koronation, begins with a mid-tempo paced beginning, that slows down as vocals enter the song and continues that way through the first half of the song, being the slowest material that Katharsis have offered us. The second half breaks this slowness with a fast part and agressivness that has been shown in the beginning of the album. Following this pattern for somewhere two minutes, then enters the guitar solo (by D. Wolfram from the band Orlog) that resembles the solo found on Glorior Belli's song Altered Verses. As the solo is finished, the song returns to the slow parts, before ending with guitar chords and choir singing.

Overall... As mentioned before, different and yet still the same. Definetly worthy of Katharsis' name, though maybe not accepted by fans after the very first listen. But as time and number of listenings passess, the album is bound to grow on you.

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