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ARS GOETIA interview

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Greetings Helnath! Please tell me when, how and why was Ars Goetia formed?
The band was founded in August 2006 when I met Vindvalr. Our idea was to give concrete
form of our visceral passion for black metal. He is a complete musician and had a lot of
material ready. Later we met Ares and then Dron, so the band actually had a beginning.

What does Ars Goetia mean and why you choose this name?
Goetia refers to a practice which includes the the evocation of demons. I have always been
fascinated by ancient rituals, and so at some point I decided to find out more. The name was
chosen because it was the one that best reconcile our interests and our idea of music.

Prior to your full length album you released the Compassion Lead to Weakness demo.
How was the demo received? Are there still some copies of it available?
All I can say is that thanks to that demo we have reach the attention of Funeral Moonlight
Productions and they printed our first album. I do not think there are still copies
available..anyway we are not very happy with those recordings but still are the testimonies of
our first songs.

Shortly after the demo you recorded your first album Anachoreta. Tell us when were the songs written and when recorded. What label released it and where can we get a copy of Anachoreta? How do you think the album was received and are you still satisfied with it now that almost 2 years passed since the release?
Anachoreta contains all songs that we composed in the first year of life of the band, the music
were composed mainly in our rehearsal room and recorded in a small studio in Padua. We
have still a few copies and of course you can order directly from us
(goetiabm[AT]gmail[DOT]com) or from the label (Funeral Moonlight Productions). We
received a few compliments and it really made us very glad, we're still satisfied and we still
like playing songs from that record but Anachoreta was a snapshot of that moment, we are
looking forward to the next album.
What are the lyrics of the songs dealing with?
The lyrics are mainly focused on the occult and a sort of initiation practices to which our
name refers. There is also a song concerning the scorn and one about the premonition of
extinction. I am very proud of my work but I don't want to share them with anyone except
other band members.

Tell us about your way in music. Do you feel any limitation in your style, in any
conception? Do you see any possible progress, of movement forward?
[by Vindvalr] Well, it's not about limitation. I write a lot of music but I know when something
can work with Ars Goetia, if it doesn't work I can use it with Candleshadow if it fits well,
otherwise I trash it or put it aside for the fututre. I don't feel limitations in writing music. It's
important to think about your band, not about genres. There are thousands of bands for each
genre but ideally there's no­one like your band.

Are you satisfied with the work and promotion done by Funeral Moonlight
Productions ?
Absolutely! A very professional and widespread distribution work. Obviously this is a small
label, but for us was more than good. Unfortunately we are unable to contact them because they haven't answered our mails for months, can't understand why but we need to go beyond
this so we found the Aphelion Productions.

Recently you announced a forthcoming split CD with Old Bones from Sweden. Can you tell more about it please?
Yes, will be available after the summer from Aphelion Productions in CD format, strictly
limited in 666 copies. Old Bones (previously known as Mordigrim) is a black metal band,
damn good and very raw! Each Band has three brand new songs. Our goal was to give a very
little preview of the upcoming album although is still not complete.

I’ve noticed that you are quite an active band live wise. Do you think there is a place and interest for such an underground and raw band as Ars Goetia in Italy? Can you tell us something about the black metal scene in Italy? Any other bands worth mentioning?
Our songs are very suitable to play live, and when we make a new one we assume that we
have to play it on stage. We did shows with some of the best Italian bands and for sure in the
next future we will play again. Here in italy black metal has something special and distinctive
but is not properly a scene in my opinion. Anyway I like many italian bands, it's useless make
a list...just listen to some good music and fuck the trends!

Do you think that an image of a musician is a basic element of the atmosphere? Is your image of great importance to you?
The image is the 30% of the atmosphere, the rest is taken by the music itself. Anyway a good
show is necessary to elevate the music to another level and the image is obviously a big part
of that. We can say that the image is important but our main focus is on the music.
What inspires you to write such kind of music?
The occult and black metal have always been my main interest, is something quite instinctive.
It would be nice play also something else a little different, I do not listen to black metal all
day long, but would not have the same importance of Ars Goetia. Is not just a vent, it's
something I must do, something that accompanies my life.

Can Black metal exist outside of Satanism? What is your opinion?
Black metal is closely linked and developed with anti­religious ideology, and this is my
reality. Luckily I grow up without any catholic imposition so I find out natural have a wide
view of what Satan can represent. I am firmly convinced that our knowledge is what feeds our
souls and beliefs. I can't imagine myself in a pagan black metal band but I respect those who
bring this ideology on.

Does any member of the band participate in any other project beside Ars Goetia?
Vindvalr is the mind behind the one man band called Candleshadow. I like a lot his black
metal with ambient influences. Ares works behind Phantazo and also Rogna. Phantazo is
industrial stunning black metal, very dark and obsessive and Rogna is black metal with a
negative and depressive view of life but now is no longer active. My advice is to listen to
some of this stuff!
What are your future plans? Beside the split CD?
We're working on our second full­length, it's our main interest at the moment. After that
probably we will do some gigs. We all feel very inspired for what will be on the next album
and we have some really killer songs! Dron has improved a lot with drums and each of us has
something very interesting to say in the next album, so stay tuned...

Okay that’s it. Please close this interview with telling us where people can get your
merchandise, how can they contact you? You can also now send death treats to whoever you want, the final words are yours.
For now we don't have any merchandise, probably after the upcoming album will do
something about it. For any question, booking or info write at
goetiabm[AT]gamail[DOT]com or visit our myspace site (
“When you don't have this, dying and becoming, you're only a sad guest, on the dark earth”

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