sreda, 16. december 2009

MGLA - Presence
Let me ask you this… If you would combine Darkthrone and Deathspell Omega, what would you get? Most of you will say: »Old works of Deathspell Omega.« Well, no. For old works of Deathspell Omega WERE in fact Darkthrone. But what will follow now, is something quite new.

Mgła's EP entitled PRESENCE was released through Northern Heritage in 2006. And it is in fact a so called crossbreed betwen the bands that are mentioned above. Yet M., who is the man behind Mgła, takes it to a whole new level. All three songs that this EP contains are named Presence I, II and III (Draco Sit Mihi Dux, anyone?). The beginning starts simple. Guitar chords with bass drum. Nothing special one would think. But at 0:57 seconds in, a long tremolo riff kicks in and sets the right mood. The vocals start to blaspheme ears of the listener with it's rotten vocals about fall of man, as the EP cover shows. With great riffs and all types of drumming the song progresses into the second part. This one is the quite opposition of the first song in the beginning. It is a straight-forward agressive start with blastbeats. Though nothing much changes. It is hard to write about the impact that this short but strong EP makes on the listener. The most simple way is to roughly describe it with the first verses of Presence III:

Follow the wounds,
enter the self-inflicted gateway
Let the Devil come through

It is always great to see a band to release material and always keep the hype at the same high level. Especially if that particular band stays loyal to the bit of Black Metal.

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