četrtek, 25. junij 2009

HERESI - Psalm I

As a friend of mine once introduced me to Heresi he told me: "So it should be played and so it should sound like." And he was fucking right. Heresi's PSALM I offers us three blasphemous songs that will crawl under your skin as soon as you start listening to it.

Skamfer, the figure behind this one-man band called Heresi, was once one of the early members of the Swedish legends Ondskapt and as far as I can tell, he was mainly responsible for Ondskapt's first release. The music on PSALM I resembles that release very much. PSALM I begins with a slow tremolo riff on the song Civitate Dei and with pounding drums from Hell, soon accompanied with deep and powerful vocals that sing about utmost Devil worship and evil. Production on this is very powerful. The EP continues with Deus Absconditus which has really something "hidden" inside it. It begins with slow and basic drumming, giving listener an empty feeling that is soon filled with a guitars. Not so much tremolo in it, but it gives the same impression as the first song. The third song Efter Själens Stympning goes in a different pattern - bearing blast-beats. The tremolo riffs are still present though. Towards the second half of the song, it returns to slower parts again and ends with a fade-out.

In the year 2005, Total Holocaust Records made a wise decision to release this masterpiece of Swedish Black Metal. The vein of Heresi is spreaded also through it's second release PSALM II - INFUSCO IGNIS, which is also a masterpiece. Awaiting more of Heresi's music of uncreation...

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