sreda, 08. september 2010

Destroyer 666 7"

The latest Destroyer 666 7" featuring two brand new, unreleased tracks will be unleashed by Invictus & Poison Tongue in unison! Raw, passionate and Metal to the bone as only Destroyer 666 can be. Strictly limited edition of 500 copies.





Available now: WITCHRIST - Beheaded Ouroboros CD

Covenant of the Undivine

Covenant of the Undivine featuring SOMRAK, SAMOMOR, GRIMOIR, KRVNIK on 180g 12" split LP

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VI / Aosoth split ep out on Necroterror prod

VI / Aosoth split ep out on Necroterror prod limited to 300 units, 50 copies in red vinyl out now through Necroterror productions

Deathspell Omega new album !!!

Season of Mist is proud to welcome kult French black metallers DEATHSPELL OMEGA to the North American roster! On next November 9, the mysterious, meta-physical, black metal omega lords will unleash their fifth album, "Paracletus".

Initially emitting raw, traditional black metal, this enigmatic entity experimented and evolved into a more technical, eviscerating evil. Outside of the music, very little is known about its member's beliefs and ideology. What is certain however is the return of the most revered kult band in the world!

Sargeist will release new album "Let The Devil In"

Moribund Records will release Sargeist's new album, Let the Devil In, on November 9th, 2010.

Says Shatraug regarding the imminent release of Let the Devil In, "The forthcoming Sargeist album took us more than five years to make. After two albums, the standard we had raised was needed to be met with a liturgy surpassing the previous works, and for that reason alone, it took such a long time to complete the new work.

"Finally, when everything started to fall in place, it didn't take long. Lyrically, Let the Devil In is a continuation of the heinous path we had chosen - that of black magic, necromancy, and worship of Satan. The result is definitely the strongest of Sargeist yet, taking all the assets of our past with a new Satanic illumination."

I - Empire of Suffering
II - A Spell to Awaken the Temple
III - From the Black Coffin Lair
IV - Burning Voice of Adoration
V - Nocturnal Revelation
VI - Discovering the Enshrouded Eye
VII - Let the Devil In
VIII - Sanguine Rituals
IX - Twilight Breath of Satan
X - As Darkness Tears the World Apart

Let The Devil In

nedelja, 02. maj 2010

Under the Dark Soil News (Transylvania & Dopamine)

Soil 002: Transylvania (Can) - "As The Wicked Prosper" Demo Tape
- The second audial assault from Canada's Transylvania. 4 brand new tracks in around 20 minutes time. More aggressive sounding atheistic Black fuckin' Metal in its purest form imbued with unhallowed shockwaves.

Soil 003: Dopamine (Chn) - "Dopamine" Demo Tape
- The first demo from this mysterious duo now available, presenting two instrumental tracks of Post Black Metal art with magnificent musicality. While lost in the misty land over the other end, who can find the way out in the labyrinth constructed in the mental isolation? Explore it using your ultimate senses.

There was a problem occurred in the production process of the Dopamine tape, leading to the inserts being blurred. A new cover has now been printed and should come back in a few days. Customers who order the Dopamine demo tape shall receive both old/new cover inserts.


Black Funeral - Empire of Blood rerelease

Black Funeral - "Empire of Blood" CD

Vampyric, medieval, dark & oppressive Black Metal from this cult U.S horde!
"Empire of Blood" was recorded between 1995 - 1997 and features a majority of rerecorded material from the "Vampyr - Throne of the Beast" album. This is an album to define cult Black Metal, to reinaugurate the obscure feeling of power and strength. This is designed to take the spirit into a medieval realm of ancient graves, castles and vampyric ghosts, its spells weaving webs of darkness through the shadow side.
Official rerelease.

Now taking pre-orders (wholesale pre-orders welcome to).


Out soon through:

Mutiilation - Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul

Mutiilation - "Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul" CD

Dirty, rotten, vile and melancholic black metal from this french cult! Finally this cult iconic piece of the Black Metal underground is officially rereleased!
The first part of this release are tracks from the "Evil, the Gestalt of Abomination" demo from 1993 which never saw the light of day, the later part of the release is from 1996, following "Vampires of Black Imperial Blood".
This is a reflection of the dark past, a travel through sadness, hate and depression and the remains of a ruined, dead, cursed soul...

CD out SOON!

Now taking pre-orders (wholesale pre-orders welcome to).

nedelja, 04. april 2010

KOZELJNIK interview

Hails Kozeljnik! You are mostly known as the guitarist and mastermind behind The Stone and May Result for many years now. When, how and why you decided to create this solo project of yours?

L.G.: This is full-time band Kozeljnik and L.G. started doing few years ago. An idea itself differs from what the two of us are doing in our other bands. Half of the lyrics and some music for debut album were written even before the whole thing began to unfold. It's more personal thing than any of the mentioned. Expect a lot of things to shape from this.

What does Kozeljnik mean and why did you choose this name?
L.G.: It's a Name for ancient divinatory that once lived along the east European soil, though mostly where Serbia lies nowadays. They predicted human destiny by observing the entrails of the dead goats. Has a rather prophetic note to it and is ancient as hell. So is our message.

In 2007 you released the Wrecked in Ruins of Solitude EP and a year later your debut full length Sigil Rust. Can you describe both with your words and tell us what do you think are the main differences between the first and second release? Tell us when were the songs written and when recorded. What label released it and where can we get a copy of each? How do you think the album was received and are you still satisfied with it in 2010?
L.G.: Well, this EP was released only on tape format so far, via Spiritual WarArt Productions from Turkey, though some copies have errors concerning the sound (made by label itself). It also included rehearsal version of some tunes later found on our debut "Sigil Rust". Later, we've made this contract with Diabolist Services from Washington NJ and are expecting another release of this recording on 7" gatefold vinyl. Sure, our sound went much farther lately when compared to the one we had on this EP, but it still sounds very strong and obscure and we're definitely proud of it. "Sigil Rust", released in '08, was a step forth at the moment and is a debut we couldn't be more pleased to have. 5 of our songs (+ cover of Dodheimsgard) played in mid-paced to fast sections, with cold and brutal message to it and a true mark of Kozeljnik scarred for years to come. Next material will be a surprise on its own and should be out in couple of months, so I won't say much at the moment.

What is the main theme in your lyrics? Does Kozeljnik stand behind any specific philosophy? The Stone are known for their use of Serbian language on every record, however for Kozeljnik you decided to use English. How come?
L.G.: We wrote our first lyrics in English, don't know why, but it came somehow natural to us. Further on, when we discovered the actual sound of those tunes on our first rehearsals, we simply chose to go with that from then on. We won't avoid the use of our mother-tongue if it comes along the way, neither. Our lyrics are the presentation of one's hidden psyche, the one that is ever-endeavoring in seeking the path to the utter Black, the one that invocates the Upheaval of diabolic sphere, in darkness and light omnipresent. Final and complete reversal of the Known.

What is the cover art on Sigil Rust representing?
L.G.: It marks the Root, present-thereafter and NEVERENDING: for those who are willing to Observe. Old and ever-growing seed of the True Beneath, Devil's all-consuming breath to embrace all flesh and thought.

Should be Kozeljnik treated like a real band or is it just a project for you?
L.G.: This is dead serious full-time band.

Can Black metal exist outside of Satanism? What is your opinion? Can acts of Black Metal exist only in music or does its meaning manifest beyond Black Metal's music, ideology and image?
L.G.: It's individual enough to get out of any common and typical way of thinking, behaving, reasoning and in the end: living the Thing. In certain cases, it will leave the mark for as long as our culture goes, sometimes it simply disappears after the Thought. This is extremely individual and not many of those (supposedly involved with this extremity) have the gift to Create and Convince. Many of them have even been active for too long and one day simply left everything behind as nothing ever happened. The term you used in your first question is not really embraced by many or is being simulated to fill the needs of the very moment they are found in. Kozeljnik in S.A.T.A.N. breathes this guidance that voids all things of the obvious, material and orthodox... a path that leads our inner thought towards the time's oblivion and reversal of this current. Where darkness spreads with aura in all ways, desolate, continuous and never-ending.

Underground... Is it only an empty phrase or does it really exists in your opinion?
L.G.: It actually meant something couple of decades ago, but nowadays it doesn't get much farther from being a common simple phrase.

What are your future plans? Can we expect the follow up to your debut full length?
L.G.: Final mixing of the 6 new tracks for our second full-length album "Deeper the Fall" is being done as we speak. In December '09 we agreed this release with Paragon Records from New York. They've been very cooperative and I think the album will be released in June this year. If your way gets you anywhere near Berlin (Germany) this summer, don't miss our performance on Under the Black Sun Festival in July. The sound of the album will be a bit of the surprise, diverse, innovative and tasty, but I won't reveal anything about it yet.
This concludes the interview. Any last words?
L.G.: Thanks for doing the interview, we appreciate it a lot. Our web design is still in progress, but will be done soon with completely new look. All the news will be posted there, as well as all the vital information about the band, lyrics, samples of our works etc. I encourage all to check our future "Deeper the Fall" album (out in June).

petek, 08. januar 2010

UNDERGANG "Indhentet af døden"

"Indhentet af døden" a 7 track promo tape by UNDERGANG limited to 100 copies is out now.
For fans of rotten old school Death Metal......

contact -

Samomor - Somnus Stellae (EP) out now!

ponedeljek, 04. januar 2010

SAMOMOR interview

When, why and how was Samomor created? Who are the persons behind this name? Is this your first venture in the underground or were members of Samomor previously in other bands?

Samomor started at the end of 2008, although there were some thoughts and (intoxicated) rehearsals years before. Priorities had to be set and finally the self destruction could begin in a proper way. There are no names at all! This elite project has to be known for its music and its messages rather than the mortals hidden behind it.

It's not long since your first release saw the disgusting light of the day. We are talking about the Somnus Stellae EP. When was the EP recorded and what have been the reactions so far. Are you satisfied with the result?

This EP was just an egocentric necessity to see the physical reproduction of what has been created so far after few rehearsals. The whole thing was produced in September 2009 and it came out exactly the way it was ment to be, therefore I am very pleased with it. The rest is totally insignificant.

Which label released it and how can people get a copy of it?

Somnus Stellae was self-recorded and self-financed by creating our own label, which is a genuine start to realize everything without any compromise. Mankind can get it through local distributors or should write directly to Samomor.

Does Samomor stand behind any specific philosophy? What is the main theme in your lyrics? Is there a red line or a concept running through the lyrics on Somnus Stellae? Is there a message you would like to deliver?

Samomor praises solitude, misanthropy and death which are the only possibility to deepen yourself into your miserable existence and finally fulfill it. Somnus Stellae is mainly about Lucifer’s fall and His coming Rise, yet the message is incorporated in other thoughts I share in the lyrics. We must all die to see Him gloriously arise again!

Does any member of the band participate in any other project beside Samomor?

Everyone who is or was involved with Samomor played and still plays in more or less renowned bands/projects which are not worthy to be mentioned here.

The packaging of the EP is really good looking but does not hold a lot of information. Where can people find out more about the band?

What you hold in your hands contains enough information someone needs to know at the moment. Everything should be unveiled at the right time. Still I believe the message and the music are more important than the force that creates them.

Can Black metal exist outside of Satanism? What is your opinion?

I believe Black metal is strictly related to Satanism for it is one of its creative expressions to spread His name. Everything else without a satanic essence can be described however you want it but not as Black metal. No servant can truly serve more than one Master!

When does man's life end? Is death the final thing or do you believe in life after death?

Life is just a limited amount of time we are given to manage our will.

What does the following mean to you: DEATH – end of an enjoyable game
MISANTHROPY – individual supremacy over mass-ignorance
BLACK METAL – a creative way to spread Satan's presence
SUICIDE – fulfilment of the Self
EVIL – just a silly christian word used to describe what is against their expectations
GOD – a meaningless force which loses power and should have no followers at all
SATAN – the One who will unmask the deception

What does the future hold for Samomor? New releases? Live gigs? Merchandise?

There is no need to play live at the moment, yet this will not stop the existence nor the creativeness of Samomor. A powerful split LP should strike at weak ears very soon and maybe some shirts will be printed…thus you will be able to show how much you love and enjoy life.

Okay that’s it. Please close this interview with telling us where can people get your merchandise, how can they contact you? You can also send death treats to whoever you want, the final words are yours. and life shall be no more!