četrtek, 25. junij 2009

CHALICE OF BLOOD - Angelus Diaboli

Angelus Diaboli

From Darkness Sent

Prayers Through Blood

Black Sacrifice...

These are but few verses from this short, but bitter and foul demo ANGELUS DIABOLI from the relatively (yet) unknown Swedish band Chalice Of Blood.

From 2005, released through Satanic Propaganda Records, ANGELUS DIABOLI contains of three songs: Speak Through Me, Black Cleansing, Angelus Diaboli. In it's utmost raw production, the demo starts with no intro, but with direct riff that monotonously continues through the entire first song with a small break towards the end. I mentioned the word "monotonously" in the previous sentence and this is exatcly what this demo has over the majority of all three songs - they are based upon one riff only that repeats itself over and over again. But unlike bands that like to perform that (i.e. Judas Iscariot on Thy Dying Light, where you sooner or later grow tired of it), Chalice Of Blood maintain to hold the listener through the entire demo. The lyrics are primitive. One might say: "Oh, this is something a 13 year old can write..." Not in this case. It clearly shows that Chalice Of Blood worship the Devil and thus, they do not need to explain rationally or irationally themselves any further.

ANGELUS DIABOLI is a good start for Chalice Of Blood with delivering the disgust of existence upon all. Who knows... One day their pillar might even stand among other Swedish Black Metal pillars like Salvation, Casus Luciferi, Mystérion Tés Anomias,...

Angelus Diaboli!

Bringers Of Plague...

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