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HERESI - Psalm I

As a friend of mine once introduced me to Heresi he told me: "So it should be played and so it should sound like." And he was fucking right. Heresi's PSALM I offers us three blasphemous songs that will crawl under your skin as soon as you start listening to it.

Skamfer, the figure behind this one-man band called Heresi, was once one of the early members of the Swedish legends Ondskapt and as far as I can tell, he was mainly responsible for Ondskapt's first release. The music on PSALM I resembles that release very much. PSALM I begins with a slow tremolo riff on the song Civitate Dei and with pounding drums from Hell, soon accompanied with deep and powerful vocals that sing about utmost Devil worship and evil. Production on this is very powerful. The EP continues with Deus Absconditus which has really something "hidden" inside it. It begins with slow and basic drumming, giving listener an empty feeling that is soon filled with a guitars. Not so much tremolo in it, but it gives the same impression as the first song. The third song Efter Själens Stympning goes in a different pattern - bearing blast-beats. The tremolo riffs are still present though. Towards the second half of the song, it returns to slower parts again and ends with a fade-out.

In the year 2005, Total Holocaust Records made a wise decision to release this masterpiece of Swedish Black Metal. The vein of Heresi is spreaded also through it's second release PSALM II - INFUSCO IGNIS, which is also a masterpiece. Awaiting more of Heresi's music of uncreation...

CHALICE OF BLOOD - Angelus Diaboli

Angelus Diaboli

From Darkness Sent

Prayers Through Blood

Black Sacrifice...

These are but few verses from this short, but bitter and foul demo ANGELUS DIABOLI from the relatively (yet) unknown Swedish band Chalice Of Blood.

From 2005, released through Satanic Propaganda Records, ANGELUS DIABOLI contains of three songs: Speak Through Me, Black Cleansing, Angelus Diaboli. In it's utmost raw production, the demo starts with no intro, but with direct riff that monotonously continues through the entire first song with a small break towards the end. I mentioned the word "monotonously" in the previous sentence and this is exatcly what this demo has over the majority of all three songs - they are based upon one riff only that repeats itself over and over again. But unlike bands that like to perform that (i.e. Judas Iscariot on Thy Dying Light, where you sooner or later grow tired of it), Chalice Of Blood maintain to hold the listener through the entire demo. The lyrics are primitive. One might say: "Oh, this is something a 13 year old can write..." Not in this case. It clearly shows that Chalice Of Blood worship the Devil and thus, they do not need to explain rationally or irationally themselves any further.

ANGELUS DIABOLI is a good start for Chalice Of Blood with delivering the disgust of existence upon all. Who knows... One day their pillar might even stand among other Swedish Black Metal pillars like Salvation, Casus Luciferi, Mystérion Tés Anomias,...

Angelus Diaboli!

Bringers Of Plague...

Merrimack "Grey Rigorism" out Sept. 15th 2009

Merrimack will release its 3rd album on next September 15th through Moribund Cult (USA) and Osmose Productions (Europe), both on CD and limited gatefold double LP.

Track listing :
1. The Golden Door
2. Omniabsence
3. Kirjath-Ra
4. La Sainteté du Mal
5. Cold Earth Mourning
6. Grey Rigorism
7. When the Stars Align
8. Désaveu
9. In the Halls of White Death
10. By Thy Grace

2 tracks now available on the band's myspace page

Total length : 61 minutes
Recorded, mixed and mastered in Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna.
Booklet artwork made by Seldon Hunt.

"Merrimack is pleased to announce the arrival of long time comrade Daethorn to the bass duties, while Terrorizt is back to his vocals position."

Line-up for this release is :
Perversifier / Terrorizt / EsX / Daethorn / Necrolith

The band is now open for any touring or gig opportunity.
Many more news should be expected in a very near future.


EMPALIGON - Black Dominated Annihilation

When it comes to German Black Metal, the majority thinks of bands such as Katharsis, Secrets Of The Moon, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Kapein,... Empaligon are on one hand one of those underrated Black Metal acts from Germany. Of course they are not that widely known but their full-lenght album BLACK DOMINATED ANNIHILATION has it's mark in German Black Metal movement nevertheless.

When you first listen to this specific full-lenght album you will definately think of Infernal War at first or maybe Funeris Nocturnum's debut album for that matter. BLACK DOMINATED ANNIHILATION, released in 1999 via Metal Age Records, consist of nine songs that reek of speed. Definately something to unleash your anger. Rarely it slows down to slow parts. Mostly it is filled with fast blast-beats and tremolo picked riffs. Interesting thing to point out are the vocals - shrieks that resemble on cursings of an old witch. Though not to be compared to the first two Behexen albums. Of course after songs mostly have the same formula and this might get the listener to loose his concentration on the listening. There is not much variety, but overall the album speaks for itself. The only song that really differs is the song before the last one - Lakes Of Lava. It is slower than other songs and on drumming consists most of basic rythm. But since it is placed towards the end it does not make that much difference. The highlights of the album are definately the following. The first song Blackterror Of War that begins with a short intro of a siren (taken from Sid Meier's Civilization II) announcing nuclear bombing and as soon as we hear the explosion the song kicks in with Empaligon's trademark music - fast, raw and uncompromising. The second highlighting song is Infernal Shadow - the third track of the album. In the same vein as the song mentioned before, but definetely one that as its finished, you'll want to hear it again. The production wholewide is generic Black Metal-like. Hardly worthy to mention since the entire genre is stagnated. But do we really give a fuck about that?

BLACK DOMINATED ANNIHILATION is an album that you really enjoy listening once in a while. Never constantly or you might get sooner or later tired of it. It is a solid Black Metal album and should definitely be praised.

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PSEUDOGOD - Illusion of Salvation


In America, you spit on pseudo god. In "Soviet" Russia, Pseudogod spits on you. And not only with saliva, but also with it's first gruesome demo ILLUSION OF SALVATION. Since I personaly never was into Russian Black Metal, due to the fact that every band I heard of from there, fills Black Metal with NS, nationalism, pagan pride and similiar shit. So this recently discovered band was a real "venomous" antidote for my opinion.

Pseudogod's ILLUSION OF SALVATION, released in 2006 via Satanic Propaganda Records, consist of three nails that pierce through hands and feet of man. First song, O Luserp Sitativic, is an intro over one minute long, consisting of female choir sang bacwards. One might think that this is a cliché way to start, but it fits the ambient and the following desecration of other two songs perfectly. As soon as the intro fades out, the second song Bleeding With Pus Of Black Plague executes exactly that, what the first verses of the song are:

I came out of gloom

And crushed your hopes...

It blasts through in the vein of old-school Black Metal we are used to. Seven minutes of pure desecration to one's ears, makes the listener really hate himself and everything around. The thing most worth mentioning here is that bass guitar is heard, which is something very rare in Black Metal. Therefore it is good to see that Pseudogod treat all it's parts equally. From blasting drums, over raw guitars, to carcinogenic vocals. The production is not cristal clear, though; but raw and a bit muffled. Again, the way we are used to in Black Metal. The third and final song is Illusion Of Salvation. In the same vein as the song before, it speaks of the unworthy messiah failing at his attempts to die for sins of man. The ending of the song and demo is instant, giving the listener the desire to hear more.

Pseudogod is currently one of the most promising Black Metal acts to hail from Russia. Fanatics of raw and primitive Black Metal, be sure to pick this demo up, as well as their split with Blaze Of Perdition. And as Pseudogod state themselves...

The God gave to man a life, but PSEUDOGOD has destroyed all beliefs about life and has conquered flesh!

Keep destroying and conquering!

KATHARSIS - Fourth Reich

Many people thought that after the release of VVORLDVVITHOUTEND, the German cult known as Katharsis will split-up. The reason for such thoughts was due to their three full lenght album releases with each containing 6 tracks - so to speak 3 x 6 = 6 6 6.

We were wrong...

In the year 2009, released through French label Norma Evangelium Diaboli, the fourth full-lenght album was released entiteled FOURTH REICH - a bit decieving album title, but then again, remember the "14 words" on KRUZIFIXXION. The album itself in general is to some degree different, yet still same in the vein of Katharsis' music. As usual, the first song So Nails The Heart... Nails you straight to the heart with it's direct agressiveness - no delays, no teasing. Thus showing the listener that there will be nothing positive and joyfull to expect. Though not as agressive and oppressive as VVORLDVVITHOUTEND, it still creates the same ambient. Towards the end of this first track one can also hear,although muffled and very silent, clean vocals. Quite unexpected. The album continues with their second out of five songs called Eucharistick Funeral, another more than 10 minutes long song. Consisting the same combination of fast-paced and mid-tempo, it holds the listener in the same atmosphere as the beginning. Though the variety of different riffs so far is not big, the both songs are not monotonous. One who listenes to the album might ask himself at the end of the second track: "What the fuck have I just listened to?" But this should not be considered as a bad thing. Breaking into the third track Reckoning, the awakening of the listener begins with a guitar intro, which is followed by blasting drums. This 7-minuted piece of a bit avantgarde, yet still pure Black Metal riffs, works as a surprise to what is coming next. Emeralde Graves is something that at first may not be expected. It is a keyboard based ambient track that streches through five minutes and gives the listener that cosmic feeling, leading into transcendence. Sort of a relief from the agression from before. As expected, the final track, Sinn Koronation, begins with a mid-tempo paced beginning, that slows down as vocals enter the song and continues that way through the first half of the song, being the slowest material that Katharsis have offered us. The second half breaks this slowness with a fast part and agressivness that has been shown in the beginning of the album. Following this pattern for somewhere two minutes, then enters the guitar solo (by D. Wolfram from the band Orlog) that resembles the solo found on Glorior Belli's song Altered Verses. As the solo is finished, the song returns to the slow parts, before ending with guitar chords and choir singing.

Overall... As mentioned before, different and yet still the same. Definetly worthy of Katharsis' name, though maybe not accepted by fans after the very first listen. But as time and number of listenings passess, the album is bound to grow on you.

KHAOS AEON interview

The band Khaos Aeon has been present in this world since 2006. How has it evolved since?

Isaz: Well, KHAOS AEON still consists of 2 members. Referring to this point there was no development. But we have improved our skills and we reached a higher level - we express our thoughts much better with our instruments as before. We got more technique, we got more finesse. When the album is out you will be able to hear all this positive changes. Ourselves are wondering about what we got done from the status of the demo to the status of the album.

Phosphoros: Both of us played in a local Thrash/Death Metal band. Nothing serious to mention. But soon we decided to create our own thing after a while and get out of the band. And now here we are!

The lineup of Khaos Aeon is a duo. The saying goes that the lesser the lineup, the better music is made, since there are less compromises for the band's music. How true is this for you?

Isaz: Totally true! Our plan is to find musicians only for live performance. Phosphoros and I are the brains in this band! We know what we want and we know how to reach it. There are almost no differences between us. In the end it saves our nerves because there will be no discussion. Both are completely satisfied with everything we are creating. And if it is the case of no satisfaction a solution is found immediately. But who knows? Perhaps we can find a person or two that embody nearly 100 percent of that what KHAOS AEON is.

Phosphoros: This is 100% true! Decisions are made much more easily, because we have only 2 opinions that we have to care about. We know what the other member likes and so we can work very efficiently. Best condition you can work in!

Up until now you have released only one demo Daath - Opening Of The Abyss. For the first demo, it shows great potential. And on your MySpace profile, there is a preview for your first full-lenght album. Feel free to enlighten us about this new release.

Isaz: This album continues where the demo ends. Three songs of the demo found their way on the album but for sure completely revised and with new arrangements. These songs (Apocalyptical Coalescence, Dark Sun, Path of the Razing) are now more powerful and more intelligent as before. Apart from that 6 completely new songs will be placed on the long player. Topics within the lyrics are mostly influenced by the Qliphotic Kabbalah. For example: One of the strongest songs on the album is called "Ha-Ilan Ha-Hizon" and it describes the tree of death, the other side and her actions.

Now some details to the production status. While I am answering this interview the audio engineer is still working on the mixes and mastering. We were not satisfied with the first mastering some weeks ago - so the work had to be going on. We hope that it will be soon finished but we are able to wait when it is needed because we want this album sounding great. We don't want to deliver any shit. Furthermore we are sending out applications to labels with our first mixed version of the album to give them an impression and hopefully to get a deal for us. Let's see…

Phosphoros: Yes the FL is going to be finished soon. We're searching now for a Label that fits to us. The FL will contain 8 songs + 1 cover song. We worked hard for that album and you will hear when it is released!

From the musical perspective, your main ispiration is definately Dissection. How has this band affected Khaos Aeon and you personaly?

Isaz: Really? Do you think? Haha…

Sure they are a great inspiration. In almost every review of the demo the name "Dissection" were placed - mostly with a positive attitude. For my part I like the intelligent riffing and songwriting of Dissection. I mean the last album "Reinkaos" is the almost perfect thing I have ever listened to. But with our debut we do a step to more individuality. KHAOS AEON is getting more and more his own face… you will see.

Phosphoros: Its difficult to say. We both like Dissection but we don't sit down and day that we MUST do a Record that is Dissection like. We just do our Music and if people compare that to Dissection its their own thing.

I don't care!

You are one of the few bands, that have a stong ideology already at the dawn of the band's creation - Anti-Cosmic Satanism. What are your perspectives of this path and how do you incorporate in your music?

Isaz: Our aim is to deepen the fall! Our aim is to destroy the bridge! To get the view above the demiurges head. We don't want to get one with the blinding light anytime. With our actions in this lifetime we are avoiding this case. Through studying of this specific LHP we want to receive freedom and we want to destroy what has to be destroyed. The music is just our tool to express our thoughts and beliefs in a great garment.

Phosphoros: Right. I Agree. Its our Ideology and we use the music as a tool to Propagate our Ideology. To have a strong Ideology is very important for me. Otherwise you will behave like a idiot and write over stupid shit nobody cares about!
Personaly, I am not familiar with bands of such ideology, but I do know that since the early 90's there was only Arckanum. Nowadays, after Dissection's Reinkaos, a lot of bands are adapting this ideology - Watain, Ofermod, Nefandus,... Your opinion on that? Is this becoming sort of a new trend in Black Metal or is there some yet unseen truth behind this?

Isaz: Hmmm… Trend means always it is temporary. I wouldn't call it a trend. I would call it a new level of black metal. It's a new category that was opened in the last years. If there is a band that takes it serious they will deliver a deeper and mysterious feeling as any standard anti-christian black metal from old Norwegian days. I prefer a deeper sense in the music!

Phosphoros: This is not a trend. Trend comes and Trend goes! But any band that takes their Ideology serious follows the truth and propagate it! More and more "Fireborn" discover this path and we will see much more development and devotion then in any other Black Metal subgenre.

Khaos Aeon hails from Germany. Germany has had (and still has) some excellent Black Metal acts, while also having such shit not worth mentioning. How familiar are you with the German Black Metal. Are there any specific bands you would like to point out?

Isaz: We do listen very rarely to German black metal. I can't say that it is all shit… But German black metal has no great attraction for me. This local scene hasn't the deepness I talked about before.

Phosphoros: To say the truth: We are absolutely NOT familiar with the German Black Metal. Lets say that like over 90% of German BM is totally shit! Unserious and amateur like. But also we have some very great acts.

These one of course have our respect and support.

What is Satan for you? Merely a physical being? A spiritual demon? A metaphysical manifestation? Or something not mentioned here?

Isaz: Satan is all and nothing. It depends on how you are feeling in a certain moment. I can't say that I have seen him already in a physically shape… But maybe he will show one of his "faces" in the future. So I can say that Satan is mostly present in my heart as a strong energy. I have no thoughts about how he could look like as a physically being because he is much more as this. There is just a strong noticing of a presence. Satan is the key…

Phosphoros: For me personally Satan is not a person or something similar like that. And Satan is also not red and has horns and tortures souls in Hell or what ever. Satan for me is more a Impuls. A current. It is the opposite of Gods creational Impuls. An All destroying and liberating current.

This force called "satan" is everywhere and omnipotent.

Some seek beauty in Black Metal. As in liberation from everything bad that sorrounds them. Is there really beauty in Black Metal?

Isaz: In which context do you define beauty within black metal? If you define it with the words annihilation, hatred, fire, lawlessness and freedom - so, yes there is beauty! But there will never be another definition of beauty for this music. Black metal needs no rouge to look great…

Phosphoros: Beauty? No for me there is not! Black Metal is the ugliest and the truest tool to present our beliefs.

It is the most original form to SPIT our hatred right into the face of humanity the World & Cosmos!

Khaos Aeon as a name describes for you the wideness beyond the universe wherein the chaos is ruling in an endless period of time - unborn and infinite. God is considered as a synonym for the word infinite. What role does god play in Khaos Aeon? Khaos Aeon as a god that rules over you? Or maybe a way to show that you build a god known as Khaos Aeon, consequentially showing that man is his own god?

Isaz: KHAOS AEON is no god. KHAOS AEON is a status. With chaos all started with chaos all will end. The different ancient gods just describe with a visual face the energies from beyond.

Phosphoros: Man is not his own god. We are just tools to do the holy will of Satan!

Through this will we will lead this Cosmos to total perdition!

Is there order within chaos?

Isaz: There is order within chaos these days. The time will come chaos will devour all order and restriction again.

Phosphoros: Definately I agree on this. The day will come and we will liberate our essence out of this Cosmic Prison.

Scrolling through Temple Of The Black Light, I have encountered several rituals and invocations. Do you practice such things to glorify your beliefs or not? If not, why so? Since most bands prefer words over actions - in a lot of examples they are only bluffing. But some bands state that they show their beliefs only from a philosophical perspective. Thus, your statement would be...
Isaz: You need a lot of experience to handle with such strong energies - experience that only can be collected through years of studying. We aren't ready at the moment to practice big rituals. We have not the knowledge yet to control it. If you don't know how to handle with it right there is the danger that it will eat you up. I mean, we are around 21 years old - so there is some more time needed for studying. But for sure, I am working with lesser dangerous methods already to contact worlds beyond. For example astral travelling - it can be done with a kind of meditation.

Phosphoros: I personally did no rituals till yet. The knowledge isn't enough till yet. Let some years pass, let us collect more and more knowledge until we are ready for such things.

Are hylics disgusting?

Isaz: For sure! There is just a hand full of them who deserve respect.

Phosphoros: Definitely they are! No questions! But like Isaz said there are only a few who deserve respect and support!

This concludes the interview. Any last words?

Isaz: Thanks…

Phosphoros: Thank you for that interview and your great questions.

Hail Luxifer!

- - - - -

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Wrathprayer (Chi) "In Utter Darkness" PROTAPE demo

Wrathprayer (Chi) "In Utter Darkness" PROTAPE demo

WRATHPRAYER - In Utter Darkness
Pro-Tape Demo 2009

"...In the graveyard of God, his bones will be pillars of our temple. Archons of utter darkness will ascend from the abyss.
Seas of black blood will exceeed this world for centuries and ages; as the verb of the worms said..."

Ancient and Evil Death/Black Metal since MMVI A.B. emerging from Chile.
In vein of impure acts as Necrovore, Demoncy, Beherit, Von, Archgoat, y Mystifier.


Spiculum Iratus-"Summa Anti-Theologica" CD OUT NOW!

Debut Full Length out now, Labels interested in Trades and Wholesale contact baneful@banefulgenesis.com individual orders can be taken through our webshop located at www.banefulgenesis.com . Some Samples:



1. Prolegomena
2. Orations Recited Through The Mouths Of The Jawless
3. The Miracle Of Malignity
4. Dismantle Of The Sensus Divinitatus
5. St. Mlesna
6. Expurgated Omnipotence

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FLAGELLANT - “Morbus Nefastus” MLP
Fierce and abrasive Black Metal. Hailing from Umea.
mp3: Morbus Nefastus

PERDITION - “Piaculum” LP
This is the MCD including a newly recorded track. A co-release with Aquilus Cruoris.
mp3: Infestation (excerpt)


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Drakkar news June 2009

News June 2009
Currently at the Pressing Plant:
DKCD061/DKLP019-SLUGATHOR(Fin) "Echoes from Beneath" CD/ 12"LP 2009
Regressive Death Metal - 1 track available on the radio.

Release Date : end of June 2009

DKCD060-ARCANUS TENEBRAE "Summa Essentia Obscura" DigiCD 2009
Raw Black Metal - 1 track available on the radio.

Release Date : end of June 2009

LIGHT002cd-VOQKRRE(Fra) "Palans in Pestilens" Debut CD 09
Raw French Black Metal - 1 track available on the radio.

Release Date : Mid-June, 2009

DK072-MEFITIC(Ita) "Signing The Servants of God" Demo Tape II 2009
- 1 track available on the radio.

Release Date : Mid-June 2009

DEATHROW interview

Hails Thorns! You are mostly known as a drummer in the underground circles for many years now, contributing your talent to countless projects in the studio and in live situations. However through the years it seems your main bands were Handful of Hate and Frostmoon Eclipse where you contribute besides the drums also with vocals and as a lyricist. When was the idea of forming your solo one-man band born and especially why?

Well, it’s difficult for me to explain but it’s like to complete a sort of development. I’m always been a drummer and played with lots of bands but for one time I just wanted been a composer and trying to write down my ideas. To be honest I’m working on some composition since 1997 but never had the chance to work on it properly because of the time and the lack of the right instruments. Finally at the end of 2005 I had the chance to have what I needed and so I decided to give me a chance. Anyway the reason was not just to prove myself something but also to give my ideas a proper form and way to expression.

Deathrow already released two albums. Can you describe both with your words and tell us what do you think are the main differences between the first and second record?

I can say that even if Deathrow is just a 3 years old creature, I started recording ideas and stuff around 10-11 years ago… so all the releases out since now are the result of an hard work of assembling riffs and give birth to songs that have finally got the point. In fact the demo, first and second albums are born at the same time when I finally found the way to put all together… I had something like 2 hours of stuff to divide under 2-3 releases and start to looking around for labels interested to print my stuff. I recorded the demo putting inside of it 3 various songs to give the listener a good point of view to start with and I send to Iso666, the greek label that released all my Frostmoon Eclipse’s albums. The response has been great and so I got the chance to release the first album. I decided to divide typical Black-Metal songs to the slow ones just to make 2 different albums instead of getting two hybrids. So “Primordial Lifecode” is my first album just by words because some songs are newer than some you can find in “Gatweays To Oblivion”, that is my second album on paper. In the meantime I also released a split tape of ambient stuff I had for another project back in 1997 that never saw the light and I also released an EP with strange noise/industrial/chaotic songs that were for another project too. Basically for all those stuff would have been stupid to release it under thousand different names while the mind behind it was always the same. Of course I preferred to keep them as split or EP just to don’t make people think that Deathrow could turn the sound towards those different approaches. Deathrow is Black-Metal, but of course I like also “to play” with other kind of dark and hypnotic kind of music that in some way or another are a part of me. Anyway to answer to the second part of your question, well, yes, I’m a very prolific writer… and I don’t know why. I just know that all the time I keep a guitar on and start to play I found some interesting riffs and record some songs… I have a new album ready to record (1 hour of stuff), some songs for a pair of split EP’s and various other songs still to finish… This is the reason why I try to play the less then possible.

What is the main theme in your lyrics? Does Deathrow stand behind any specific philosophy?
Well, I’m obsessed by death and bones… I’m not afraid but death is the end of everything, so I tried to talk about it in different ways trying not to be easy and superficial as many do.

You also recorded an EP with just ambient music. Why this move? It was just a spontaneous thing or are you planning more releases in that specific field?
Nothing is planned with Deathrow because it’s just me. I’ve always played some keyboards creating some ambient passages but of course always remained unreleased, so I decided to put them on one single split tape with a band similar to mine and release it. I’m not sure to write new stuff this way but Deathrow is a quite spontaneous band so we never know.
Although Deathrow is consisting of only one member doing everything, you recently played your first live shows with session musicians. Why you decided to perform also as a live band? How do you feel about the concerts you played so far? Can you tell us who the musicians you use for these rituals are?
Well, of course just a few around know that I’m a singer before to be a drummer… I was singing before to start drumming so to sing has always been a dream to me because I never had a band to do that in a good way. I always performed vocals in studio for Frostmoon Eclipse and backing vocals for other bands but I was missing to have something mine 100%. So after some strict friends of mine told e that the Deathrow stuff would have been great to be played live I decided to have a try. I played the first 2 shows as drummer/vocalist but I finally have a drummer now so I can concentrate just on vocals as I was dreaming since 1995-1996. I did 2 shows as vocalist and they have been really important for me, something that I was waiting from 10 years. The shows have been great and people got the good vibes and understood the right feeling. The musicians that are helping me are: Beast (guitar)from Frostmoon Eclipse, Moerke (guitar) from Vidharr, Gore (bass) ex Handful Of Hate and Redrum (drums) from Vesper. All cool and talented guys.

Do you think that an image of a musician is a basic element of the atmosphere? Is your image of great importance to you?
Sure, for me image in Black-Metal is 50% of the work. If a band has great songs but a very poor image and content is totally a waste of time and efforts. Try to imagine a band like Deathspell Omega for example, one day you see them live for the first time and they come on stage with Bermudas, baseball hats and coloured shirts.. They would waste years of a good image and reputation. I think that Black-Metal is the only genre in which image goes together with the music, it sounds weird because we’re talking about music and just of music we should be judge for but Black Metal is not like this. Deathrow is a Black-Metal band, we’re not talking of happy stuff, we’re trying to evoking the worst of us, the deepest bad feelings that make us feel sick and distant from the modern society… we shouldn’t seem part of this world in any case.
What are your future plans? Is the 3rd album already on its way?
Yes, it’s ready since last year… it will be slow and heavy… very dark and depressive. I focused on some tape edition and a split 7” lately, as well as live shows so I haven’t had the time to record it but I’m not in a hurry, I think I’m going to record it during next winter. I’m organizing some new shows actually and I’m planning some other small releases before a new album.
What about your other projects? Which are the bands you are in right now as a permanent and session member? What can we expect from it? Which of these bands is your priority?
I have no priorities, each band need its time and efforts. I love to play different kind of Black Metal and to travel, visit new places, meet intelligent and easy, grounded people.. this is basically my life. I’m actually playing with Frostmoon Eclipse, Kult, Nocratai, Macabre Omen (Gre) and Deathrow.. plus another pair of bands that it’s better don’t reveal for various reasons. I’ve been session musicians for bands like Nocternity (Gre), Melencolia Estatica, Antares Predator (Nor), Arcana Coeleastia, Tundra, Aptorian Demon (Nor) and Obscure Devotion. I’m not a member but I help to play live also Hiems (solo project of Forgotten Tomb bass player) and I played in Handful Of Hate for 8 years, recording 3 albums and various ep. I recorded more than 15 albums and played more than 200 shows in my life. I’m actually working on the new Frostmoon Eclipse and Kult albums as well as organizing various shows and tours. I’m quite active as always.

Okay that’s it. Please close this interview with telling us where can people get your merchandise, how can they contact you? You can also send death treats to whoever you want, the final words are yours.
I’m 31 this year, I’m a bit old for death treats but anyway who needs info, merchandise or whatever can contact me at: frostmooneclipse@libero.it or visit my pages here:
Thanx for your time and support.

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Hail. I will not bother to question you about the time and place of Malefic Order's foundation, since such questions have lost its meaning due to the internet era. So for starters... What is Malefic Order or how do you see it? Just as a band or something more?

Hail. You're absolutely right. There is no purpose in classical questions. Malefic Order is an injector which injects a venomous virus to your souls. This virus is the perverted and the sick form of Black Metal. Malefic Order is a mediator which makes reaching of this virus easier. I've never thought Malefic Order as just a band. I humiliate all losers who think Black Metal is just music. If their aims are playing music and releasing albums, i can't understand why they don't try to play pop or alternative rock.

Malefic Order belongs (or has belonged) to TKM. What is TKM? What are its origins, purpose and current status?

In early days, TKM was a symbolic squad which contains Satanic Black Metal bands of Turkey. Now, it doesn't include Malefic Order and Devastation. The reason is a too long story and i don't want to explain. But i can just say that nowadays it turns to an unnecessary community which the bastards who were interested in pop music and alternative rock in recent date can join. That's the reason why the bands which protect the soul in early days of it aren’t with them now.

Your album Raging Evil Desekration is nowadays that, what De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas was back in 1994, when it was released. It is one of the most powerful, aggressive and raw Black Metal I heard in years. It is rare to stumble upon such album. How did it come into being and how do you see it, when compared to other Black Metal releases nowadays?

It's normally you feel that. When i was composing the riffs i was influenced by De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. It would be a stupidity not to be influenced by such a masterpiece. I really think it's an excellent album. I don't want to compare Raging Evil Desecration with releases of nowadays. But, what about i'm sure the greatest difference is that we completely stuck to the origins of Black Metal. We don't struggle to add something new in it. We only want to protect its pure form and play on the way it deserves. And we are working on presenting it in aggressive music and perverted concept. It takes me only two weeks to complete the guitar parts of the first seven songs. I tried to prepare the song called Malefic Order as killer as it deserves to be the final track.

Raging Evil Desekration is a dedication to two godfathers of Black Metal - Dead and Euronymous. What do Dead and Euronymous mean to you?

Yeah, it was my opinion to dedicate the album to them. I remember an article that i read for the first time about MayheM. I was impressed and then i tried to learn more about MayheM. The realities that i learnt woke me up from a deep sleep. Until that time, i believed in that the rawest bands i had ever listened were Darkthrone or Beherit. But when i started to read Dead’s lyrics, suddenly my opinions started to change. These lyrics are so cold and the source of this coldness doesn’t come from the themes unnecessary like “snowy mountains of Norway” or “goat fucks human”. The themes that he imposes are real human fears. So deep thoughts that people always run away not to face them... The perverted ideas actually always in our mind but makes us fearful... Anyway, Euronymous is more important for me. With his thoughts and his music, he is definitely an idol. It is not necessary to meet him for knowing him completely. Listening to De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is enough. The feelings he hide in his melodies are really deep and satanic. Nowadays, i look at Beherit or Darkthrone. The one is a mere wreck of its former self, the other decided to play black metal again after living like a clubber. When “which ones are true” is discussed, it is clear. I don’t want to talk about new one because Mayhem died in 1993. It isn’t Dead’s and Euronymous’ deaths which makes MayheM known. It is De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. It isn’t possible to find more impressive. The media which uses these deaths as a virtual agenda is the biggest thing wrongly familiarizes MayheM.

Are we to expect a new and similar assault from Malefic Order in form of Black Metal music? If something is already in development, tell us more about it...

Now, we’re trying to complete the songs of second full-length. But “Raging Evil Desekration is almost new. We don’t want to hurry up for the second one. Until we compose the most excellent riffs, our working will continue. Next album will speedier cos songs have blast drum parts. Our new drummer Nore is very successful and the speediest drummer of Turkey. But not like stupid Norsecore bands which play only blast style. Songs have technical parts, too. At that time, guitar parts colder and darker. We add some thrash metal parts in them so the songs will have smoother and rawer style. There will also be guitar solos in almost every song. We try to use bass guitar like having 3rd guitar in harmonic style. I have a great accord with Satanicasthrone. For the next album we live in same dimension. Lyrics are of course satanic but not will be written in classical way. We’re even searching and reading ancient civilization’s Satan figures and trying to find ones never written before. For example Funeral Winds successfully does it. You will come across some verses written in ancient languages. And i’m sure that it will impress you. Some song names; Morbid Devotion, A Blazing Fire, Under the Devil’s Throne and Orbital Revolution of Doom...

What is Black Metal to you?

Actually, you can find the answer in previous ones. Well, i’ll try to explain more. All objects we see are mortal in that fucking world. This isn’t limited to biological assets. Empire State Building may be demolished or Paris may be zone of flowage. All the things we think real are simple illusions. Anything condemned to vanish isn’t real. All flocks of humans in the world geared by temporary enthusiasms are unnecessary life forms that spend their lifetime for following these enthusiasms. People fill in the unknown things which cannot be explained with the fake faiths called God and religion. What’s this? It’s just deceiving themselves. Fool people couldn’t have reached to realty after millions of scientific researches yet. This is a pessimistic statement. Their inventions of which they’re proud are just bullshits for going on their lives. I think humans aren’t excellent, they’re rather aimless creations and must be exterminated. God is an imaginary creation. I want to burn severally all the temples and believers. I’m just sorry for the humans who believe that God will save them after death and take them to heaven. Satan is a handicap in front of all meaningless faiths that’s because i worship him. Do you know what will happen after death? The snakes and grave worms will nibble you below ground. This is the greatest reality of the world. Our souls will be left with pain in eternal dark blank. Whore angels and owner of all creation will sodomize themselves in peace in naff heaven. “What pleasures life may grant you, it will be robbed from you. What misery life brings you, it will always stay with you!” Moreover, you’ll face that you’re nothing. If you can’t stand the pain, your existence is meaningless. Because the pain is the best experience that you can live. You should be ready to face to face with it. I’ll be in this world until i prepare my soul for the war between the good and the evil. Then i’ll end my life by my own hands. It will make me approach the naff happiness and will leave me alone with the pain. I and warriors think like me will scream the hate against the God in darkness. And God will never establish dominance. Black Metal is the most extraordinary and the most realistic propaganda in the world which taught me and which provides me to teach.

Can acts of Black Metal exist only in music or does its meaning manifest beyond Black Metal's music, ideology and image?

Unfortunately, it is turned to commercial. When people are talking about Black Metal, they’re considering corpsepaint and charismatic images. Nowadays, what the whores of juvenile age want is just fucking with a band member. What a band member wants is looking charismatic. The scene turned to bullshit. But the assaults of Inner Circle had showed us that there’s an eternal hate lies beyond. The propaganda can do not only with music but also with activities. The moment i screamed “i am a Satanist” to Muslim metal listeners is a propaganda, too. I’ve seen the fear in their eyes. To do this music isn’t a necessary. Music likes a communication tool. You can do your personal assaults in a small area, but your music can spread all around the world. In that attribution, music is more effective than personal assaults if you do it on the way it should be. Today, if there weren’t labels like Nuclear Blast Black Metal would protect its evil concept until now. It is turned to one of ordinary rock music genres. They thought that they decreased the danger of Black Metal. The criminals are major labels and the trendy bands let them release their stuffs.
Origins of Black Metal started to occur in western parts of the world, it is hard for majority to imagine how Black Metal is being accepted in eastern parts of the world. Since you are from Turkey, a rather conservative country, are you persecuted by official authorities or Islam fanatics?

No, i wasn’t persecuted. Black Metal occurred in western parts yeah, but it is also extraordinary for people live in west. We have the same reaction as westerners. We are marginalized by them but i don’t even want to take part among them so i don’t care. If you play Black Metal you should accept this. If you can’t then you haven’t a strong spirit enough for playing Black Metal. The police operated against metalheads. Many people were interrogated including me. The reason of that interrogation was suicides of two rich cunts who believe in laveyan satanism. In every parts of the world media uses these opportunities to attract attention.

Are there any other Black Metal bands in Turkey beside Malefic Order?

Do not listen any bands in Turkey except to Devastation and Nihil Kaos. In this country, there are some sons of a bitch which answer interviews in journals and say Muslims also can p lay Black Metal like Moribund Oblivion. Everyday new Black Metal bands spawn but both musically and conceptually they don’t have that spirit. A country full of Muslim and NS bullshits...Except to them, there are some satanic bands full of meaningless lyrics and their concepts are ridiculous like new TKM.

Underground... Is it only an empty phrase or does it really exists in your opinion?

Underground is a subject that has been discussed since a while . Generally, some bands have never success call themselves underground black metal band and they think that they will be more effective. You release your propaganda cos you want it to reach people. That’s because i hate those sons of bitches that release their fucked demos limited to 10-15 and believe in that they’re underground like LLN. There are really rare people who understand Black Metal so it has a limit to spread. It means it is already underground. Creating a style under the name of “Underground Black Metal” is totally bullshit.

Many bands nowadays hide their pathetic attempts to c reate Black Metal by stating, that their works are religious. When does Black Metal really become "religious" (if it ever becomes for that matter)? When bands really believe in that, what they sing about or even practice that, what they sing about?

Thinking Black Metal as a religion is a big false. How can it be possible? The source of Black Metal is anti-religious, it is ridiculous that thinking that propaganda as a religion. They write aimless lyrics by predicated on their Christian background. There are some bands who advice to have respect to religions. They’re all fucking weak and chicken hearted. They try to change and make Black Metal ordinary life lover form. Your style can be different but its me aning is unique. The status when it firstly occurred is the purest status of it. Every band which isn’t in the vein of its origins is poser. Black Metal isn’t homogenous. You cannot perceive it as what you want.

National Socialism... It is a phrase that becomes frightening to a normal man when associated with World War II, holocaust,... Some bands implant such negative perspectives of that period of time to inject fear and disgust into hearts of man - classical example is Marduk. On the other hand, a lot of so called NSBM bands use National Socialism to glorify their own race, cultural adherence,... What is your opinion on using National Socialistic elements in Black Metal and your opinion on National Socialism in general?

Firstly, i must say that NSBM is nothing. Black Metal didn’t begin for carry on propaganda of a particular race on the contrary it supports end of the human race. I want to say that to all white asses who see their race magnificent: “You’re all children of a pathetic race which is coloured in white version from Adam and Eve. Your magnificent race condemned to feel the pain of death until their marrows. You’re also pathetic like the others and will die!” Political ideas can’t take a part in Black Metal because; all of them are the ideas which appear for someone’s benefit. Any point of view which supports life and continuing of human life can’t be used in Black Metal. Nazis may be proud of killing two millions people but communists killed six millions. They simply don’t have dominance on them. How grievous and disparaging for them. Black Metal supports all deaths, not dominance of a race. Black Metal wants to end of human race. Imbeciles who don’t have courage to mention about this must keep away from Black Metal!

There are three important factors in Black Metal - MUSIC and IDEOLOGY and IMAGE. How do you take into consideration of all those three when it comes to perform acts of Black Metal? Do know that by image I do not mean prancing around in "corpsepaint" while wearing some obscure "Black Metal" T-shirt, heh.

According to me, the most important part is ideology. If a band doesn’t set up a well-grounded ideology, Black Metal doesn’t look like attractive for them and it turns to an extraordinary band like Tiamat and Sepultra do. If you are keen on your ideology and you believe in it, your music also will be aggressive. People must feel that you’re mentioning about negative feelings when they listen to your music. Image mustn’t be thought as doing a good corpsepaint. It should reflect your spirit well. When you look at Dead’s photos you can clearly understand what it means. All these spontaneously happen related to your ideology.

When does man's life end? Is death the final thing or do you believe in life after death?

Human life will end after collision of Niburu, after ice age or plagues, may be. I don’t really give a fuck which one will be but i just want them to be as soon as possible. All the things mentioned about after death are just possibilities. If holy books are real, my fight will go on beyond the veil.

What does the following mean to you:

DEATH - Paradox

MISANTHROPY – Source of hate

BLACK METAL – Life style

SUICIDE – A mission

EVIL – Behaviour style

GOD – A Coker for fill in the blanks

SATAN – Magnificent idol

Black Metal is a movement that is stagnating. Thus, some people call out, that Black Metal needs to be developed into something new. Let that be the likes of Deathspell Omega's Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice or Blacklodge's Solarkult. Does Black Metal really need to develop into something new? If yes, to what degree? Since most changes in Black Metal usually end up with losing its meaning.

Ideological changing is not possible. May be you can present what you want to tell in different ways. It doesn’t matter. You can choose various themes like Occultism, Satanism, and Misanthropy etc. But the target and aim of Black Metal must stay same. I just laugh that some homosexuals explain their personal depressions as Depressive Black Metal like Shining.

If you were to commit suicide, how would you do it?

I would like to locate four great dynamites on the ground of Empire State Building. I would ascend the top floor and in rush hours i would explode them.

Last words you want to spit upon the worthless humanity...

Black Metal will absolutely win and you will all be exterminated cos it’s your unique destiny.


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Profetus "Coronation of the Black Sun" cd

Profetus "Coronation of the Black Sun" cd

"Heavens are dropping with black seed of Doom when Profetus' congregation burdensomely shambles its burial march onwards. Scandinavian Funeral Doom pioneers of the early '90s have had a big part in the process of shaping Profetus as the embodiment of their despondency. Yet their musical roots in Finnish underground Black/Death Metal scene lay a strong effect of rawness on their solemnly forged sound - finally burying everything under a suffocating blanket of northern snow. "Coronation of the Black Sun" offers 4 tracks & 50 minutes of Funeral Doom in devastation of solitude, saturnine bleakness and despair - guided with lyrical & conceptual luciferian light shed by the author Johannes Nefastos to invoke this majestic and mesmerising journey into oblivion."


Retail price 12eur, incl. shipping.

http://www.myspace.com/profetus //
http://www.rustycrowbar.com //

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Debemur morti releases


RUINS - Cauldron

Content information :
Savage and melancholy, the ominous music of RUINS combines malevolent intensity with stark emotional depth. With these seven hymns to desolation and sorrow the potential heard on 2005's "Spun Forth As Dark Nets" is brought to brutal perfection as RUINS demonstrate their mastery of baleful Death Metal-inspired insanity; viciously dynamic yet imbued with the genuine despairing darkness of the purest Black Metal. Incubated in the bleak Tasmanian winter, the songs unleashed here personify the savage yet romantic landscapes of that remote island; enshrouded in shadow and drama, yet incisive as a razor to the eyeball, "Cauldron" is an embodiment of the very term 'Black Metal'.

Additional information :
+ 4-panel digipack w/ 12-page booklet +
+ First batch comes in black polycarbonate CD +

Tracklisting :

1 - Where Time Is Left Behind (Echoes Of Ghosts) 05:36 (Full track)
2 - Threshold Forms 04:29
3 - Cauldron 06:25
4 - Hanged After Being Blinded 06:15
5 - Genesis 07:04
6 - Upon These Skeletons (Bury The Dead) 05:57
7 - Suicidal Pulse 04:19 (Full track)

RUINS - Cauldron
Ltd. Gatefold 12" LP

+ 180gr black record +

Retail orders : eitrin.mailorder[at]gmail[dot]com
Wholesales : eitrin.editions[at]gmail[dot]com

Label : http://www.debemur-morti.com
Mailorder : http://www.eitrin.com

KROHM - The Haunting Presence
Ltd. 12" LP

+ 180gr black record +
+ Printed innersleeves +



KROHM - The Haunting Presence

Tracklisting :
1 - Bleak Shores 07:23
2 - Lifeless Serenade 09:35
3 - I Respiri Delle Ombre 07:13
4 - Relic 07:44
5 - Memories Of The Flesh 08:15
6 - Tra La Carne E Il Nulla 07:06 (MP3)
7 - Syndrome 09:07

Retail orders : eitrin.mailorder[at]gmail[dot]com
Wholesales : eitrin.editions[at]gmail[dot]com

Label : http://www.debemur-morti.com
Mailorder : http://www.eitrin.com

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Finally after a long delay Neutron Hammer´s mcd "Extermination Kommand" is out!

5 new tracks of impure, chaotic and bestial Metal filth with a punkish touch!
War continues!!!
Available from:
Primitive Reaction
Neutron Hammer
Levykauppa Äx
Merchant of Death
No Sign Of Life

Coming soon to:
Hell´s Headbengers Records
No Colours Rex
Ahdistuksen Aihio Prod
Bestial Burst
Darker Than Black

These products are only (at the moment) available through AAP
Also if you happen to visit the town of Lahti you can get yours from the mighty Sarvilevyt!