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KHAOS AEON interview

The band Khaos Aeon has been present in this world since 2006. How has it evolved since?

Isaz: Well, KHAOS AEON still consists of 2 members. Referring to this point there was no development. But we have improved our skills and we reached a higher level - we express our thoughts much better with our instruments as before. We got more technique, we got more finesse. When the album is out you will be able to hear all this positive changes. Ourselves are wondering about what we got done from the status of the demo to the status of the album.

Phosphoros: Both of us played in a local Thrash/Death Metal band. Nothing serious to mention. But soon we decided to create our own thing after a while and get out of the band. And now here we are!

The lineup of Khaos Aeon is a duo. The saying goes that the lesser the lineup, the better music is made, since there are less compromises for the band's music. How true is this for you?

Isaz: Totally true! Our plan is to find musicians only for live performance. Phosphoros and I are the brains in this band! We know what we want and we know how to reach it. There are almost no differences between us. In the end it saves our nerves because there will be no discussion. Both are completely satisfied with everything we are creating. And if it is the case of no satisfaction a solution is found immediately. But who knows? Perhaps we can find a person or two that embody nearly 100 percent of that what KHAOS AEON is.

Phosphoros: This is 100% true! Decisions are made much more easily, because we have only 2 opinions that we have to care about. We know what the other member likes and so we can work very efficiently. Best condition you can work in!

Up until now you have released only one demo Daath - Opening Of The Abyss. For the first demo, it shows great potential. And on your MySpace profile, there is a preview for your first full-lenght album. Feel free to enlighten us about this new release.

Isaz: This album continues where the demo ends. Three songs of the demo found their way on the album but for sure completely revised and with new arrangements. These songs (Apocalyptical Coalescence, Dark Sun, Path of the Razing) are now more powerful and more intelligent as before. Apart from that 6 completely new songs will be placed on the long player. Topics within the lyrics are mostly influenced by the Qliphotic Kabbalah. For example: One of the strongest songs on the album is called "Ha-Ilan Ha-Hizon" and it describes the tree of death, the other side and her actions.

Now some details to the production status. While I am answering this interview the audio engineer is still working on the mixes and mastering. We were not satisfied with the first mastering some weeks ago - so the work had to be going on. We hope that it will be soon finished but we are able to wait when it is needed because we want this album sounding great. We don't want to deliver any shit. Furthermore we are sending out applications to labels with our first mixed version of the album to give them an impression and hopefully to get a deal for us. Let's see…

Phosphoros: Yes the FL is going to be finished soon. We're searching now for a Label that fits to us. The FL will contain 8 songs + 1 cover song. We worked hard for that album and you will hear when it is released!

From the musical perspective, your main ispiration is definately Dissection. How has this band affected Khaos Aeon and you personaly?

Isaz: Really? Do you think? Haha…

Sure they are a great inspiration. In almost every review of the demo the name "Dissection" were placed - mostly with a positive attitude. For my part I like the intelligent riffing and songwriting of Dissection. I mean the last album "Reinkaos" is the almost perfect thing I have ever listened to. But with our debut we do a step to more individuality. KHAOS AEON is getting more and more his own face… you will see.

Phosphoros: Its difficult to say. We both like Dissection but we don't sit down and day that we MUST do a Record that is Dissection like. We just do our Music and if people compare that to Dissection its their own thing.

I don't care!

You are one of the few bands, that have a stong ideology already at the dawn of the band's creation - Anti-Cosmic Satanism. What are your perspectives of this path and how do you incorporate in your music?

Isaz: Our aim is to deepen the fall! Our aim is to destroy the bridge! To get the view above the demiurges head. We don't want to get one with the blinding light anytime. With our actions in this lifetime we are avoiding this case. Through studying of this specific LHP we want to receive freedom and we want to destroy what has to be destroyed. The music is just our tool to express our thoughts and beliefs in a great garment.

Phosphoros: Right. I Agree. Its our Ideology and we use the music as a tool to Propagate our Ideology. To have a strong Ideology is very important for me. Otherwise you will behave like a idiot and write over stupid shit nobody cares about!
Personaly, I am not familiar with bands of such ideology, but I do know that since the early 90's there was only Arckanum. Nowadays, after Dissection's Reinkaos, a lot of bands are adapting this ideology - Watain, Ofermod, Nefandus,... Your opinion on that? Is this becoming sort of a new trend in Black Metal or is there some yet unseen truth behind this?

Isaz: Hmmm… Trend means always it is temporary. I wouldn't call it a trend. I would call it a new level of black metal. It's a new category that was opened in the last years. If there is a band that takes it serious they will deliver a deeper and mysterious feeling as any standard anti-christian black metal from old Norwegian days. I prefer a deeper sense in the music!

Phosphoros: This is not a trend. Trend comes and Trend goes! But any band that takes their Ideology serious follows the truth and propagate it! More and more "Fireborn" discover this path and we will see much more development and devotion then in any other Black Metal subgenre.

Khaos Aeon hails from Germany. Germany has had (and still has) some excellent Black Metal acts, while also having such shit not worth mentioning. How familiar are you with the German Black Metal. Are there any specific bands you would like to point out?

Isaz: We do listen very rarely to German black metal. I can't say that it is all shit… But German black metal has no great attraction for me. This local scene hasn't the deepness I talked about before.

Phosphoros: To say the truth: We are absolutely NOT familiar with the German Black Metal. Lets say that like over 90% of German BM is totally shit! Unserious and amateur like. But also we have some very great acts.

These one of course have our respect and support.

What is Satan for you? Merely a physical being? A spiritual demon? A metaphysical manifestation? Or something not mentioned here?

Isaz: Satan is all and nothing. It depends on how you are feeling in a certain moment. I can't say that I have seen him already in a physically shape… But maybe he will show one of his "faces" in the future. So I can say that Satan is mostly present in my heart as a strong energy. I have no thoughts about how he could look like as a physically being because he is much more as this. There is just a strong noticing of a presence. Satan is the key…

Phosphoros: For me personally Satan is not a person or something similar like that. And Satan is also not red and has horns and tortures souls in Hell or what ever. Satan for me is more a Impuls. A current. It is the opposite of Gods creational Impuls. An All destroying and liberating current.

This force called "satan" is everywhere and omnipotent.

Some seek beauty in Black Metal. As in liberation from everything bad that sorrounds them. Is there really beauty in Black Metal?

Isaz: In which context do you define beauty within black metal? If you define it with the words annihilation, hatred, fire, lawlessness and freedom - so, yes there is beauty! But there will never be another definition of beauty for this music. Black metal needs no rouge to look great…

Phosphoros: Beauty? No for me there is not! Black Metal is the ugliest and the truest tool to present our beliefs.

It is the most original form to SPIT our hatred right into the face of humanity the World & Cosmos!

Khaos Aeon as a name describes for you the wideness beyond the universe wherein the chaos is ruling in an endless period of time - unborn and infinite. God is considered as a synonym for the word infinite. What role does god play in Khaos Aeon? Khaos Aeon as a god that rules over you? Or maybe a way to show that you build a god known as Khaos Aeon, consequentially showing that man is his own god?

Isaz: KHAOS AEON is no god. KHAOS AEON is a status. With chaos all started with chaos all will end. The different ancient gods just describe with a visual face the energies from beyond.

Phosphoros: Man is not his own god. We are just tools to do the holy will of Satan!

Through this will we will lead this Cosmos to total perdition!

Is there order within chaos?

Isaz: There is order within chaos these days. The time will come chaos will devour all order and restriction again.

Phosphoros: Definately I agree on this. The day will come and we will liberate our essence out of this Cosmic Prison.

Scrolling through Temple Of The Black Light, I have encountered several rituals and invocations. Do you practice such things to glorify your beliefs or not? If not, why so? Since most bands prefer words over actions - in a lot of examples they are only bluffing. But some bands state that they show their beliefs only from a philosophical perspective. Thus, your statement would be...
Isaz: You need a lot of experience to handle with such strong energies - experience that only can be collected through years of studying. We aren't ready at the moment to practice big rituals. We have not the knowledge yet to control it. If you don't know how to handle with it right there is the danger that it will eat you up. I mean, we are around 21 years old - so there is some more time needed for studying. But for sure, I am working with lesser dangerous methods already to contact worlds beyond. For example astral travelling - it can be done with a kind of meditation.

Phosphoros: I personally did no rituals till yet. The knowledge isn't enough till yet. Let some years pass, let us collect more and more knowledge until we are ready for such things.

Are hylics disgusting?

Isaz: For sure! There is just a hand full of them who deserve respect.

Phosphoros: Definitely they are! No questions! But like Isaz said there are only a few who deserve respect and support!

This concludes the interview. Any last words?

Isaz: Thanks…

Phosphoros: Thank you for that interview and your great questions.

Hail Luxifer!

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