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EMPALIGON - Black Dominated Annihilation

When it comes to German Black Metal, the majority thinks of bands such as Katharsis, Secrets Of The Moon, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Kapein,... Empaligon are on one hand one of those underrated Black Metal acts from Germany. Of course they are not that widely known but their full-lenght album BLACK DOMINATED ANNIHILATION has it's mark in German Black Metal movement nevertheless.

When you first listen to this specific full-lenght album you will definately think of Infernal War at first or maybe Funeris Nocturnum's debut album for that matter. BLACK DOMINATED ANNIHILATION, released in 1999 via Metal Age Records, consist of nine songs that reek of speed. Definately something to unleash your anger. Rarely it slows down to slow parts. Mostly it is filled with fast blast-beats and tremolo picked riffs. Interesting thing to point out are the vocals - shrieks that resemble on cursings of an old witch. Though not to be compared to the first two Behexen albums. Of course after songs mostly have the same formula and this might get the listener to loose his concentration on the listening. There is not much variety, but overall the album speaks for itself. The only song that really differs is the song before the last one - Lakes Of Lava. It is slower than other songs and on drumming consists most of basic rythm. But since it is placed towards the end it does not make that much difference. The highlights of the album are definately the following. The first song Blackterror Of War that begins with a short intro of a siren (taken from Sid Meier's Civilization II) announcing nuclear bombing and as soon as we hear the explosion the song kicks in with Empaligon's trademark music - fast, raw and uncompromising. The second highlighting song is Infernal Shadow - the third track of the album. In the same vein as the song mentioned before, but definetely one that as its finished, you'll want to hear it again. The production wholewide is generic Black Metal-like. Hardly worthy to mention since the entire genre is stagnated. But do we really give a fuck about that?

BLACK DOMINATED ANNIHILATION is an album that you really enjoy listening once in a while. Never constantly or you might get sooner or later tired of it. It is a solid Black Metal album and should definitely be praised.

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  1. En général, le black métal allemand est le meilleur.