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DARK FUNERAL - Angelus Exuro pro Eternus
Supposingly the saying goes that to change something a little, never hurts anybody… Unless that change means to rape the ''dogmatic'' axioms of Black Metal. So as Luziferion is not meant to be taken as some kind of a news zine to show what is going on in the Black Metal world (you have countless zines already for that), but more like to guide in what really is qualified Black Metal in it's purest form, that is so rare to find nowadays. However to be just ignoring the stupidity of what pretends to be Black Metal, could be the best choice, only to stock up the anger and frustration that is within one's inner sides. And eventually at some point… It will fucking ignite and set on fire all around. Thus in the case of this specific choice, it will be pointed out, rather than what to listen, what NOT to listen – though it's already obvious, but just for the fucking sake of it. So here it goes…

Dark Funeral… Where to begin… I will admit that I used to be a fan (or at least something like that). I liked the album Secrets Of The Black Arts, because it was the pinnacle of Black Metal for me at the time; the time when those around me thought that Cradle Of Filth are Black Metal that deal with Devil worship. Sorrounded by retards, what else is new… And as the time passed, I have matured in visions of what Black Metal really is, was and will be and came to a conclusion that Dark Funeral are not in these circles of Black Metal. Just to be sure, they have to prove themselves again and again how they do not fit in. In reality. In their own world maybe, they are the kings of ineffable darkness.

So now they have offered us an album entitled Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus, which again like the last one, filled with grammar mistakes. They meant to have the title translated Burning Angels For Eternity. So for the foreplay: The latin plural of an angel is angeli. You can already guess where this will go.

Before going on the album itself, let us look on the cover and songtitles itself. The cover shows… you guessed it… SATAN, yeah!!! Drawn in a piss-poor style of H.R. Giger. All it needs is some phallic resemblence.

As for the songs, I will be kind enough to write down my first impressions of what I thought as I saw these song titles. So here we go:

The End of Human Race – If you wish upon an end, how the fuck will you get your master satanic race then?

The Birth of The Vampiir – Misspelling? Or for fuck's sake I hope it is not for rhyming purpouses.

Stigmata - Il mesengero non e' importante. l'importante e' il messaggio, che questo album fa cagare.

My Funeral – Just read the fucking warning in the beginning of the video (about band not supporting death, suicide or violence).

Angelus Exuro pro Eternus – Mention I before this title not be right.

Demons of Five – This little demon went to market. This little demon went home…

Declaration of Hate – My thoughts on this album exactly.

In My Dreams – Wig Wam cover?

My Latex Queen – Because every album must have a song about fucking. And why latex instead of real leather? Don't want to upset pETA, like the PC ''Black Metal'' you are?

So now on the music itself. I read somewhere that this album is their most powerful, technical
and varied album to date. And while still being true to their roots. Varied? It all fucking sounds the same. And it has been so for the last three or four albums. Technical? Here the stereotype that metal is just 3 chords reaches it's highest point. Powerful? Speed does not add up for something to be powerful.

For the grand opening, we get a… drum fart. And then it starts on and on and on with monotnous riffs, blastbeats that are just about speed and not feeling and annoying vocals. Now there will definately be some idiots out there that will cry: »But this is their trademark sound…« No assholes. Trademark sound means that they can do anything that will sound like the band that performs it – like Iron Maiden for example. What Dark Funeral does is just clone their material over and over again. There is really nothing more to say for this. Then we have the song My Funeral, which really reminds me on the perpetual horrors and The Perpetual Horrors song by Naglfar. Already before, I mentioned that the video was made for this shit, where it states that the band does not approve violence and so. Not to mention they are against paedophilia. They scream about how they hate the church and hate humanity and yet are against paedophilia because a child is a source of energy (like in the movie The Matrix) and can grow up to be a powerful Satanist. Wow… When it comes to paradox… Should be taken in consideration that the church has at least done something through the history to help to decrease humanity via inquisition and crusades. And NO! I do not support their beliefs, I piss on them. Just so idiots will not think this the wrong way. But as long as they lead the manlike vermin into perdition – I won't object. So back to Dark Funeral. By the end of the song My Funeral I almost gave up on listening any further. The riffs you can not distinguish, the constant blast-beating and annoying vocals just to please stupid idiots who think this is the pinnacle of Black Metal. This could easily be labeled as Black Metal for kids who like to scream »HAIL SATAN!« without knowing what Satan really is. The only good thing on this travesty is in the song My Latex Queer, when the song starts fading out, announcing it's end.

Thank Satan…

My final mark: 0 / 666

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Greetings Scars! Please tell me when, how and why was Christicide formed?

Hails. Christicide was formed in the year 2000 in order to do what I like as human ( i.e. black metal ) and to express my personal convictions/ideologies. It seems that extreme metal was the most “logic’ way for me to materialize my thoughts, agressivity and imagination and to eventually get some results/visions/reflexion. Despite the fact Satanism, including mine, has never need metal music to exists, I think creating Christicide is really useful on a personal level. And thinking about it, I don’t think I really have the choice.

As far as I remember I’ve always wanted to create a band which can be a source of Obscurity for me and why not for the others as well. So in the end of the nineties I’ve made some riffs and lyrics,but that was not until 2000 that I was able to rehearse with our first drummer but that was a waste of time. 2 wasted years to be exact. Then Christicide was really active.

What does Christicide mean and why you choose this name?

The name/word Christicide can be interpreted in different ways of course. The basic will to become the new blasphemic anti christian barbarian band, the basic murder of christ...

Honnestly that name was chosen in the very early days of the band just because it sounded good and violent. But through the years, the meaning behind the name Christicide moved on to become a kind of symbol, at least for us. Jesus christ being the most popular symbolization of goodness and light in our western society, the murder of him in oneself mark the will to belong to an other “way of life/thinking”, to destroy the norms we were raised in and set new standards. It’s a major step in the Satanist evilution of course, but it goes far beyond the basic concept of Apostasy.

France has a great black metal scene, at least a lot of bands are coming from there nowadays. Amongst all those bands Chrsticide sounds the most unique in my opinion. How come you don’t expose the band more? There is no website, there are no gigs and practically there is no official information about the band on the web. Is there any contact where people can get more information about the band? Also are you planning any live activities?
Thank you for those words. Though I’m not sure to fully understand the first part of your question. I don’t think we haven’t exposed the band in the past, to the contrary, countless flyers of our releases, bio, interviews were widely spread in order to promote the band. It seems you haven’t been striked by those promotion tool. In the other hand, we don’t want to be overmediatized, the only result would be countless materialistic fans who only buy our releases because we are the new trend or the band of the moment with some die hard edition etc ... So yes, we don’t have any website and yes , we don’t have any myspace like every bands nowadays. I guess we would be way more exposed/wellknown if we had a myspace, that’s for sure ! Be I don’t feel it’s gratifying or useful to have 12658 virtual friends if you want my opinion. Sure it’s maybe a cool way to expose its band to a larger level, but I often think it’s too much and not very honnest. And we want to have what we deserve. No matter if in 10 years we will be considered as a 3rd rate band because we don’t have the same success than for exemple Watain, no matter if we are cult or not. The important things is to be honnest and to have fans who like your music/concept for real reasons.

However I have to say we’ve never refused to answer an interview for a zine or a webzine.

I guess our best website is the one of Metal archives... You’re constantly speaking about the web in your questions, is it the real world for humans now ??? A virtual world ? Not for me thanks. There are numerous bands who are wellknown in the extreme milieu and who don’t have any website or myspace. Those bands will recognize themselves, some have my hails.

Well, you are not very well informed, we are a live band. For the moment and due to some line up and availability problems, we didn’t played that much but we’ve already played with Celestial bloodshed, Watain , Baptism , Inkisitor, Malhkebre, etc ... And there are 2 gigs planned in the comming month : The 23rd of january 2010 in Lyon/Fra with Temple of baal and the 27th of ffebruary 2010 in Speyer/Ger with Unanimated and Ofermod. A lot more gigs will take place, be sure of that. Also an European tour with Inkisitor will probably take place at the end of the year 2010, so peoples who are interested to bring us in their hometown are encouraged to contact us or our label ( . And finally, to answer the last part of your question, peoples interested in the band can contact us at the postal address available at the end of this interview.

Prior to your full length album you released two demos; Destroyed Monastery and Apex of Negativity. How were those demos received? Are there still some copies of it available?
I don’t consider Destroyed monastery as a real first release of the band. It was only noise doing by 2 drunk guys when Christicide was just a side project. And to limit it to 30 is fuking juvenile and useless. The real begining of the band is the “Apex of negativity” demo tape. That’s where I put my first efforts and convictions in my music. The demo has a great success and thanks to it we received a lot of positive reviews, several interviews and a few deal proposals for an album. Yes the demo is still available. It was first pressed to 400 copies, but this edition being sold out, we decided to do an other edition to prevent the collector thing, ebay... So yes it’s still available directly from us and in a lot of UG distribution list.

In 2007 your self titled debut was released. Tell us when were the songs written and when recorded. What label released it and where can we get a copy of it? How do you think the album was received and are you still satisfied with it in 2009?

If you have the album in a concrete version ( LP, CD or tape , not mp3 ) , then you can see in the booklet that the musics and lyrics were composed/written between the year 2003 and the year 2005 , and that everything was recorded in the year 2006. It’s clearly stated, red on black.

The album has better answer than the demo in fact. We’ve received a lot of support from the international scene: Labels, zines, distro, gig organisators or fans and we’re still surprised by this support. The bad point is the lack of touring for this album, because of the above mentionned problems of line up etc ... But considering we’re not on myspace and so on, I think the album was really well received yes. After a few years we’re still satisfied of the album and see it as a first attempt to fix our beliefs/idea on a musical support, and the result is 98% identical compared to what we had in mind. The 2% being the snare sound and the fucking drummer. This album is a bit old now, but we take it for what it is: Christicide 2006. Now it’s time to look further.

What are your lyrics dealing with? Is there a message you would like to deliver?

Christicide can (I guess) be considered as a black metal band, so the band is about the very ideological fundaments of this genre : The Devil. Thus our lyrics are inspired, focused and oriented by/toward the Devil : Father Satan.

One could see this sentence as a rather simple statement, but one into Satanism will knows that this is an endless playground for the mind and body. Having Satanism as a kind of concept for its band is something that can give you a lot of opportunity. And I don’t speak here of basical anti christians lyrics even if we are clearly not on the side of christ/YHWH. No I speak about all the reflections that can be experienced, described and spread within the Diabolic realm. So our lyrics can deal with a lot of things and in many different ways. Death , life , the after, the beyond , violence, Evil and its origins, transe, notion of divinity , eternity of the soul, Darkness , etc ... Really it’s endless. The lyrics can be fictions, personal experiences, dreams/visions, personal reflexions.... They can be the fruit of long discussions too.

What is Andematunnum?

Andematunnum is a place with some portals to the beyond. Of course we would be dead if we were in direct contact with the beyond or the Devil. But this is a place with a lot of meaning for us and where we experienced a lot on a personal level. It definitely can be considered as a source of inspiration for the band and in our life/death.

What is the cover of the album representing? Why did you choose it?

Well ... you know .. that’s the Devil. Why we used it was really a question of feeling. When I first saw this representation of the Devil I knew it would be the cover of our first album. There is calm in this picture. There is also violence and a kind of fatality, something inexorable expressed in a very sober way. Add to that it’s really elegant, that it sets aesthetical standards for the band and that it became a kind of trademark for us.

In May of 2009 we saw another release from Christicide. I am talking about the split EP you did with Cantus Bestiae. Can you tell more about it please? When was the material on the seven inch recorded and how it came about?

The story behind this split EP bring us back in 2005. Both band being friends since years, after the gig with Inkisitor we went to the Cantus bestiae’s singer’s place and we took the decision to do a split EP with their last song available. We had a common friend ( Max of Worship ) who died in 2001, so we decided to dedicate him this ep.

It tooks some times for us to compose, to record the song and to find an appropriate label to released it. Cantus bestiae being not the most subtle band in the world when it comes to sounds, we decided to record our own song in our rehearsal place to obtain a raw sound .
In 2007 we called a guy and tell him to bring his porta studio with him and we recorded the song Devil’s wonders ( Elixir from beyond ) in November 2007. This is a quite aggressive song with a raw treatment to don’t differ too much with the Cantus side. The lyrics can be considered as “abstract” to some, but clear to some others. I think they became quite obvious when you hold the cover in your hands.

The Cantus side is one of their last song with vocals on it. Despite what everybody says, it was not meant to be a track for their aborted split with Deathspell omega. I can’t tell anything about the lyrics. I have my ideas, but I’m not the one who wrote them so I don’t feel allowed to describe them properly. Their sound is as always really raw and incisive. Really cruel.

Finally in 2008 OCSR proposed us to release it. The result is 100 % satisfactory and the EP was released in may 2009 and his limited to 400. It’s available directly from the label, I think he still have some copies ...

Tell us about your way in music. Do you feel any limitation in your style, in any

conception? Do you see any possible progress, of movement forward?
I hate the refusal of Evolution. For me spiritual staganation is the death of the soul. The prinipal aim one must set himself must be honnesty toward what he do and evolution through what he believs in.The only restriction we have put ourselves is to create dark music. But Darkness being perhaps the most important and effective sensation we can feel, it’s not a restriction anymore but more an open field of discovery, so no we’re not limited. To have limitations would be only for humans ( fans, labels or ourselves ) and knowing we don’t bow down before any human even if they are rock stars or respected/appreciated peoples, it will be very hard to feel restricted. So yes I think there will be progress in some senses. I consider music as a way to describe feeling/things/events that humans words can’t. To create new sensations, atmospheres and tones that can make the mind travel in the dark is a respectable goal. I think music can really have a big impact on the mind of an individual. I really don’t consider music and Christicide as a tool of propaganda. It’s not something supposed to touch the mass but only individuals who feel closed & inspired by our music/ lyrics and the aura around the band.

Can Black metal exist outside of Satanism? What is your opinion? Can acts of Black Metal exist only in music or does its meaning manifest beyond Black Metal's music, ideology and image?

Yes I do think black metal is inherent to Satanism. But Satanism definitely don’t need black metal of course. Black metal is just a music, so of course acts of black metal only exists in music. But I think what you wanted to say was “ Can extreme Satanics acts exists only in music ... “, then the answer is obviously NO. Peoples have to make the differences between Satanism and Black metal . Black metal is just the juxtaposition of music and Satanic ideals, so it’s just a tool. So of course Satanic acts can be perpetrated outside of music and its milieu. As much as music can be created outside of Satanism.

Does any member of the band participate in any other project beside Christicide?

Our drummer has a thousand bands.

What are your future plans? Can we expect the follow up to your debut full length?

We are actually working on our second album and 5 songs are now almost ready. I think we will take the year 2010 to compose and to record this 2nd full lenght album and I think it will be released in 2011. Maybe earlier, maybe later.

Beside that, we will play live as often as possible. 2 gigs are already planned, and some other will come and there is also this tour with Inkisitor ...

This concludes the interview. Any last words?

Thanks. Interested peoples can contact us for info, lyrics, gigs, interview, releases/merch etc ... at :

J . Marchand

Appt 1

7 rue du grand bie
52200 Langres
- France -

Or directly with our label ( Email address above... )

A . M . S . G

Scars , on behalf of Christicide, 26th of November 2009 A.B.

NOSVROLOK - The Luciferian Doctrine


Let me say right from the beginning... I fucking hate the so called USBM. Because all the bands and population there does, is trying to live up to a false stereotype of Black Metal, that grew somewhere in the late 90's. And of course not to mention all the bands that are nothing near Black Metal overall - Nacht'psychadelicbullshit'mystium. Or are just ass-lickers to Blasphemy (which are shit anyway) - Black Witchery. Or are just bad clones of Darkthrone - Judas Iscariot. And I even won't start on "depressive black metal" - Xasthur. And who the fuck are Krieg anyway? Hammer to the face of wannabe black metal fags (if you get the joke).

Whilst I listened to all of the above and many others, I found out to myself that US should stay with making Death Metal and Thrash Metal, which what they are good at (old school kind, not that plastic music that is produced nowadays). But Black Metal in US... Let's just say that some music is not made for some nations (and by some nations). Though from time to time it is very rare to find a band or an album that has not drowned in majority of below-average filled with stereotyped shit that is polluting and brainwashing the mob with stupidity. And this one specific example is for the US part: Nosvrolok - The Luciferian Doctrine.

Nosvrolok is basically one of those bands that you find by accident. However when you do, you manage to fall under the malefic curse of what they have to offer. While not listening to their debut album, I was quite shocked after hearing the first song The Illuminated. It starts with thunder and guitar opening that announces the tension that is to be present and is just growing as the song progresses. With raspy and deep vocals, it makes your skin hard as you listen to Ave! Ave! Ave Satan! After one song, I thought to myself that this must be coincidence - that a single song is that good. All else must be just fillers. Next song that comes, is Omnious Inane. For approximately two and a half minutes, we get the impression that we listen to Prayers from Deathspell Omega's S.M.R.C. What continues in Omnious Inane is pretty much standard Black Metal with bass that one can hear. By this time it is obvious that Nosvrolok were aiming to be with The Luciferian Doctrine a sort of a American version of De Mysteriis Dom. Sathanas. Though not to be taken literaly, it does have some atmospheric similarities. One major flaw that I have on this album is but the following: the intro speech in the song Luciferian Doctrine. Honestly, I'm not a fan of such things, although I find Teitanblood's Qliphotic Necromancy excellent - because it fits in the entire album concept perfectly. But what we find in Nosvrolok, somehow reminds me on some intro from a mediocre medieval RPG video game. The most interesting thing I find on this album, is the song Silent Tomb. For not only it contains a solo, but also the entire lead guitar stands out - thus nothing is »silent« as it was entitled. Last psalm to (dis)grace us is Spells Of Ancient Sorcery. Here the reminder turns to paths of Darkthrone with it's primitive monotony, yet still not of that proportions as what I stated in the beginning about Judas Iscariot. And finaly we get to the second and last flaw of this album - outro! It drags for about 5 minutes with ambience and wolf howls and it becomes as annoying as the end of Funeral Mist's Hellspell II on the Devilry re-release. Cut it down to three quarters and it will be perfect.

All in all… This is a solid release with some flaws, but generally great. To think it comes from American soils. It is highly recommended, especially because it is a million to one shot - literaly.

Cultes Des Ghoules - Häxan TAPE version is OUT NOW

OCSR 0 09: Cultes Des Ghoules - Häxan TAPE version is OUT NOW
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The next atrocity, namely "Total Genocide - SatanNoiseVomitChaos LP" is at the pressing plant right now.
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Now in the press:

MUSTA SURMA: Riena, 12" gatefold MLP

"Hammer of Hate is proud to present the official vinyl version of the classic minialbum of MUSTA SURMA in a grand 12" gatefold format including also an exlusive never before released bonustrack "Kadotuksen Poluilla" which was recorded in the same sessions as the original Riena MCD! Despite the long silence time has not hindered the excellence of this masterpiece and the black flame of MUSTA SURMA still burns strong! Raw and cold Black Metal in the Finnish tradition with great lyrics in Finnish! Limited to 666 copies!"

SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT: Cultus Nex, CD / 12"LP w/ 8 page booklet

"Cold, hateful and misanthropic are the visions that SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT presents and the debut full-lenght "Cultus Nex" is no exception, the poison of Satan is only stronger! As with their previous works "Cultus Nex" also offers well-produced, dynamic, quality underground Finnish Black Metal which relies on the strenght and hate of the Left Hand Path executed with great riffs, blasting drums, hatebursting strong vocal growling and maximum audio violence. Mastered at the Necromorbus studio!"


"Crushing Satanic Black Death Metal pure blasphemy assault! ANAL BLASPHEMY's deathish Black Metal meets PURE EVIL's blackish Death Metal on this unholy splitEP! Filthy and hateful, recommended to all Satanists, blasphemers and sexual whores who like their metal served evil and dirty! Limited to 666 copies, first 100 with marble vinyl"

Released approx. in a month so hopefully within this year.

DWP: SAURON - The Channeling Void & FUNERAL GOAT - Mass Ov Perversion GATEFOLD LPs announce!

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/DWP006/ SAURON - "The Channeling Void" Gatefold LP - Black Metal

SauroN - The Channeling Void

I shall open their eyes and turn them from light to darkness and from the power of god to Satan so that they may receive forgiveness of sin and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Him!
Over two and a half years have passed since the initial release of this jewel of pure Satanic Art on a CD by a great Swedish label Carnal Records. Since then, it has become an object of worship for many, including myself. Being the third and the final album, "The Channeling Void" stands as an epitaph to the cult of terror, blasphemy and hate, a refined diamond of ultimate zealotry and occult arts, that is SauroN. The line-up of this unity always remained the same:
Herr AIDS: Bassquakes
Sunless: Deathsaw
Ludas: Blastphemy
Eklipse: Throat & Deathsaw
I am the Channeling Void in all you gave life, know my path!
And since the start, SauroN.Death.Squad delivered its utterly wicked audial violence, with every album moving even further, widening the old and opening new horizons of Darkness. And while every creation of SauroN's black will is a masterpiece, "The Channeling Void" was chosen to be released on a noble gatefold LP with an exclusive bonus track as a tribute to the Cult. :DWP: is honoured to serve as a host to one of the best and the sickest congregations, ever spawned by the void! Let the Beast be unleashed! Preorders accepted!
Over the years, this jewel accumulated a host of fantastic reviews, here are some excepts:
  • "Metal bands often talk of war, but few actually sound like it…Sauron’s The Channeling Void is the sound of the fog of war." /
  • "The music is so furiously ripping that it creates a nearly exhausting and claustrophobic atmosphere with its unrelenting hyper-hostility. Sauron are lords of black metal uniting shadowed armies of undead legions to rise against the armies of the white light." / Brad & Nocturnal Cult
  • "This is apocalyptic black metal in its purest form, far better than the Dutch average." / Aardschok magazine
  • "When fully absorbed, there is a stunning realization that Sauron have perhaps created one of the most engaging black metal albums you are likely to hear this year and one that will no doubt be in many an underground scribes top ten poll. Amazing stuff. " / Vampire magazine
  • "The black metal of Sauron is filthy, agressive and above all furious. With The Channeling Void, the band delivers their best album so far. With bands like Sauron, it’s worth to support the local (read Dutch) black metal scene." / Sanguis & Digital Steel
  • "What I can tell you is that this is an incredibly hate filled black metal assault. Blazing fast, tight-as-hell, blasting drums accompanied by slick, slicing riffs and a frenzied screaming vocalist. The bass is lurking in the background, adding a heavy and more brutal touch, while the guitars are more in your face, delivering an icy and ripping sound. The Channeling Void reminds me a lot of the French scene of the late 90ies, much like I’ve felt for the later Marduk albums. It has the same extreme hatefilled and brutal sound and boundary pushing musicianship of acts such as Antaeus and Arkhon Infaustus. SauroN keeps one foot steady in the old school and the other one firmly in the forefront of battle, making this raging album extremely punishing. / Kristoffer & My Last Chapter
  • "Sauron stand for very rhythmic panzer black metal with almost militaristic bass/drums foundations, insane screamed growling and some elements of brutal death metal." / Georges & Pull The Chain
  • "To give you a small idea of what Sauron sounds like, think the current, what is known as Swedish Orthodox Black Metal scene. Thinks bands like Watain, Ondskapt, Heresi and Funeral Mist, combined with some parts of the French scene, Antaeus springs to mind. Buy this if you are into, cold, well played Black Metal with a clear message and agenda." Mordant & Minacious
  • "The mass of the sound conforms a solid monster that might submerge the listener into a violent whirlwind of dark emotions, embellished by subtle but audible tricks that enrich the whole. The sensation of unity is certainly strong, effectively achieved through a collection of melodies linked to create an overwhelming chaos harmony, a soundtrack for apocalypse." / Fjordi & Tartarean Desire
  • "The Channeling Void is the new album from SauroN and this stuff is literally armageddous in all degress. SauroN proves that Black Metal does not need to have a glossy production, but one that's grim, raw, and venomous." / Living For Metal
  • "The Channeling Void is monstrously aggressive and destructive for its entire duration, while being intelligent and atmospheric enough to remain engaging for its entire run time of forty-five minutes. If you spit at the current crop of mopey suicidal acts, pseudo-intellectual technical wankfests, and sleep-inducing ‘ambient-black metal' myspace abortions, and have grown similarly weary of the blasturbating grind-core shite passing itself off as aggressive black metal, you'd do well to look into Sauron; they are violence with a brain, wasting not a single note in their effort to lay waste to your senses and destroy you. Recommended with the most extreme prejudice imaginable." / Alex Donks & Diabolical Conquest
/DWP007/ FUNERAL GOAT - "Mass Ov Perversion" Gatefold LP - Black Metal

Funeral Goat - Mass Ov Perversion

From the darkest depths, from the deepest caverns ov unexistence, the unholy prayers for the coming ov the Lord echo and thunder high and low. Eternally dedicated to the glory of our Master, FUNERAL GOAT is a channel of His will. This unholy entity, summoned by His loyal servants, - HerrAIDS and Ludas - manifests itself in a form of pure Orthodox Devilworship! No beautiful melodies, just pure religious exaltation and Satanic devotion. Influenced by and dedicated to such prophets, as VON, Beherit, Archgoat and War, FUNERAL GOAT spreads the Gospel of Ancient Black / Death. Primitive and raw, yet entrancing and hypnotic chants, played solely for His glory and in His name!
Raw primitive Goatworshipping insanity! Unleashed by DWP on CD on the 14th of august 2009, hereby we announce the LP version with two exclusive bonus tracks! Preorders accepted!
Communion ov the Black Lord - prayers are spoken backwards for the glory of our Master!
"Mass Ov Perversion" received tremendous feedback from nearly all reviewers!
  • "Mass ov Perversion will eviscerate you and leave you crying in agony in the damp earth!" / Brad Smith & Nocturnal Cult
  • "Mass ov Perversion has become a fine album to those who believe that the scene has not yielded anything interesting and furious enough for like fifteen years or so." / Neithan & Lords Of Metal
  • "I definitely recommend this album! Buy or die!" / O.O & Funeral March
  • "Funeral Goat sounds oldskool as fukk in the early: South American and Scandinavian vein. Inspired by gods such as: SACROFAGO, BEHERIT, BATHORY,VON and HELLHAMMER! Total satanic goat worshipping including lots of tempo ranges and possessed vocals from the deepest pit of hell! Best black metal album of the last century and definitely a must for every hellbanger around!" / Patchman Marco & Violent Moshground Mag.
  • "Mass ov Perversion is beefy, the fuzzed out guitars cruising over blast beats while the charnel vocals of HerrAIDs bark off into the Satanic night. Being that they are in Sauron, they have little to prove here. Funeral Goat is going to appeal to fans of really raw, old school black. It's messy and charming, grim and nocturnal!" / From the Dust Returned
  • "...Remember when Black metal needed to be raw, primitive and just full of so much verb that everthing echoed to the gates of hell? Well, this is what Funeral Goat is. There is not much to say here other then Bestial Warlust, Beherit and Mythos would be damn proud to add them to there collective of madness!" / Absolute Zero Media

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Spearhead 'LEGIO XII FVLMINATA' shirt

Spearhead 'LEGIO XII FVLMINATA' shirt (2009).

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~ on the powers of the sphinx ~

The Ajna Offensive unveils a manifold collaboration in sound and image, presenting all original songs and artworks, crafted with the exclusive aim of evoking the Powers of the Sphinx: To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silent.

The allegory of the Sphinx points to Man. Both are composed of the four Elements, but in Man they exist in different proportions and are unbalanced, while in the Sphinx the Elements are harmonious and synergistic. The Sphinx represents the perfected Man, the Magus. The Four Powers of the Sphinx are "the four words of the Magus," the "four indispensable conditions" which bring Man to the state of perfection and balance.

The Aural journey is taken forth in logical sequence by Saturnalia Temple, Nightbringer, Nihil Nocturne & Aluk Todolo, each of whom heralds their respective Power with commensurate gnosis.

“To learn how to will is to learn how to exercise dominion. But to be able to exert will power you must first know; for will power applied to folly is madness, death, and hell.” (Lévi)

To Know- Saturnalia Temple (Sweden)
To Will- Nightbringer (United States)
To Dare- Nihil Nocturne (Germany)
To Keep Silent- Aluk Todolo (France)

First issued as an LP- limited to 500 copies with 12 page booklet, full 6 color printing and silver vinyl.
Later to be issued as a very affordable CD.

The AJNA Offensive. Winter Solstice, 2009.
Available in Europe from