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FUNERAL GOAT - Mass Ov Perversion

/DWP007/ FUNERAL GOAT - "Mass Ov Perversion" - Black Metal

From the darkest depths, from the deepest caverns ov unexistence, the unholy prayers for the coming ov the Lord echo and thunder high and low. Eternally dedicated to the glory of our Master, FUNERAL GOAT is a channel of His will. This unholy entity, summoned by His loyal servants, - HerrAIDS and Ludas - manifests itself in a form of pure Orthodox Devilworship! No beautiful melodies, just pure religious exaltation and Satanic devotion. Influenced by and dedicated to such prophets, as VON, Beherit, Archgoat and War, FUNERAL GOAT spreads the Gospel of Ancient Black / Death. Primitive and raw, yet entrancing and hypnotic chants, played solely for His glory and in His name!

Raw primitive Goatworshipping insanity! To be released by DWP on CD on the 14th of august 2009, followed by an LP later this year!

Communion ov the Black Lord - prayers are spoken backwards for the glory of our Master!

The Official Myspace of FUNERAL GOAT -

Special cross-shaped and hard-paper printed booklet - photos are to follow later.

We are searching for distributors, so, if you're interested in distributing our releases, do not hesitate to get in touch. Wholesales are possible, trades are VERY limited! Interested 'zines - get in touch for promo packs. Interviews are possible and encouraged.

Label contact: DWPROD (.A.T.) GMAIL (.D.O.T.) COM

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