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Sargeist will release new album "Let The Devil In"

Moribund Records will release Sargeist's new album, Let the Devil In, on November 9th, 2010.

Says Shatraug regarding the imminent release of Let the Devil In, "The forthcoming Sargeist album took us more than five years to make. After two albums, the standard we had raised was needed to be met with a liturgy surpassing the previous works, and for that reason alone, it took such a long time to complete the new work.

"Finally, when everything started to fall in place, it didn't take long. Lyrically, Let the Devil In is a continuation of the heinous path we had chosen - that of black magic, necromancy, and worship of Satan. The result is definitely the strongest of Sargeist yet, taking all the assets of our past with a new Satanic illumination."

I - Empire of Suffering
II - A Spell to Awaken the Temple
III - From the Black Coffin Lair
IV - Burning Voice of Adoration
V - Nocturnal Revelation
VI - Discovering the Enshrouded Eye
VII - Let the Devil In
VIII - Sanguine Rituals
IX - Twilight Breath of Satan
X - As Darkness Tears the World Apart

Let The Devil In

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