nedelja, 02. maj 2010

Under the Dark Soil News (Transylvania & Dopamine)

Soil 002: Transylvania (Can) - "As The Wicked Prosper" Demo Tape
- The second audial assault from Canada's Transylvania. 4 brand new tracks in around 20 minutes time. More aggressive sounding atheistic Black fuckin' Metal in its purest form imbued with unhallowed shockwaves.

Soil 003: Dopamine (Chn) - "Dopamine" Demo Tape
- The first demo from this mysterious duo now available, presenting two instrumental tracks of Post Black Metal art with magnificent musicality. While lost in the misty land over the other end, who can find the way out in the labyrinth constructed in the mental isolation? Explore it using your ultimate senses.

There was a problem occurred in the production process of the Dopamine tape, leading to the inserts being blurred. A new cover has now been printed and should come back in a few days. Customers who order the Dopamine demo tape shall receive both old/new cover inserts.


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