torek, 20. oktober 2009

Saturnian Mist (fin) MCD and Teloch (fin) CD out now!


TELOCH (fin) "Morbid Prayer" CD [DTD-005] 10 EUR
"Morbid Prayer(s) is a manifestation of the forces that work within and beyond this entity known as Teloch. Taking the listener from raging Hellfire into the bottomless depths of Tehom. Do not expect "typical" Finnish Black Metal from this album."

SATURNIAN MIST (fin) "Repellings" MCD [DTD-004] 7 EUR
"This altar shall be prepared in myriad ecstacy..."
"Repellings" delivers 27 minutes and three psalms of possessed harangue with revolting ascension, atrocious woe & convoyed demonic embrace; where all attempts to understand shall drown into the everlasting chaos while Luciferian truth shines simultaneously through every putrid and impure being without a single word or a form... Gnothi seauton.

Both items, as well as my older releases, are available for retail, wholesale and trades.

Contact: descending.towards.damnation [at]

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