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URGEHAL new album

Norway's black metal masters URGEHAL will release their new album, "Ikonoklast", on November 16 in Europe and January 12 in the U.S. via Season of Mist's Underground Activists division. According to a press release, the band's sixth opus "offers impressive dynamics from doom-laden solemnity to furious outbreaks. An unholy groove adds to the malignant atmosphere permeating this Norwegian masterpiece. With their roots tight in the past URGEHAL now reach for the future of black metal! None shall resist!"

"Ikonoklast" track listing:

01. Stesolid Self-Destruction To Damnation
02. Dødelagt
03. Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer
04. The Necessity Of Total Genocide
05. Kniven Rider Dypt I Natt
06. Astral Projection To Rabid Hell
07. Approaching Doom
08. Holocaust In Utopia
09. Sopor Necrosanctus

URGEHAL celebrated its 15 year-anniversary in 2007 by releasing the album "The Eternal Eclipse - 15 Years Of Satanic Black Metal".

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