ponedeljek, 03. januar 2011

Glorior Belli (FR) / Creeping (NZ) - split 12" EP OUT NOW!

Necroterror Records presents "Rites of Spiritual Death", a split 12" LP limited to 300 copies, containing exclusive tracks from two unholy heralds of perpetual gloom, Glorior Belli and Creeping. On one side of the slab, a grand and scorching illumination by the beams of Lucifer glorified on high; on the other, oppressive scorn directed straight at Sol from the swamps of Hell. Coupled with exceptional artwork and fold out A3 poster, this release commemorates the infernal congregation of both hemispheres under the sigil of the Devil. Die in the one true light!

Price: 12 Euro + Postage

Contact: necroterror@gmail.com

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