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DWP: SAURON - The Channeling Void & FUNERAL GOAT - Mass Ov Perversion GATEFOLD LPs announce!

:DWP: Is Proud To Announce Its First Two Vinyl Offerings: [To be unleashed within 3 weeks, PREORDERS ACCEPTED NOW!]
/DWP006/ SAURON - "The Channeling Void" Gatefold LP - Black Metal

SauroN - The Channeling Void

I shall open their eyes and turn them from light to darkness and from the power of god to Satan so that they may receive forgiveness of sin and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Him!
Over two and a half years have passed since the initial release of this jewel of pure Satanic Art on a CD by a great Swedish label Carnal Records. Since then, it has become an object of worship for many, including myself. Being the third and the final album, "The Channeling Void" stands as an epitaph to the cult of terror, blasphemy and hate, a refined diamond of ultimate zealotry and occult arts, that is SauroN. The line-up of this unity always remained the same:
Herr AIDS: Bassquakes
Sunless: Deathsaw
Ludas: Blastphemy
Eklipse: Throat & Deathsaw
I am the Channeling Void in all you gave life, know my path!
And since the start, SauroN.Death.Squad delivered its utterly wicked audial violence, with every album moving even further, widening the old and opening new horizons of Darkness. And while every creation of SauroN's black will is a masterpiece, "The Channeling Void" was chosen to be released on a noble gatefold LP with an exclusive bonus track as a tribute to the Cult. :DWP: is honoured to serve as a host to one of the best and the sickest congregations, ever spawned by the void! Let the Beast be unleashed! Preorders accepted!
Over the years, this jewel accumulated a host of fantastic reviews, here are some excepts:
  • "Metal bands often talk of war, but few actually sound like it…Sauron’s The Channeling Void is the sound of the fog of war." / Metalinjection.net
  • "The music is so furiously ripping that it creates a nearly exhausting and claustrophobic atmosphere with its unrelenting hyper-hostility. Sauron are lords of black metal uniting shadowed armies of undead legions to rise against the armies of the white light." / Brad & Nocturnal Cult
  • "This is apocalyptic black metal in its purest form, far better than the Dutch average." / Aardschok magazine
  • "When fully absorbed, there is a stunning realization that Sauron have perhaps created one of the most engaging black metal albums you are likely to hear this year and one that will no doubt be in many an underground scribes top ten poll. Amazing stuff. " / Vampire magazine
  • "The black metal of Sauron is filthy, agressive and above all furious. With The Channeling Void, the band delivers their best album so far. With bands like Sauron, it’s worth to support the local (read Dutch) black metal scene." / Sanguis & Digital Steel
  • "What I can tell you is that this is an incredibly hate filled black metal assault. Blazing fast, tight-as-hell, blasting drums accompanied by slick, slicing riffs and a frenzied screaming vocalist. The bass is lurking in the background, adding a heavy and more brutal touch, while the guitars are more in your face, delivering an icy and ripping sound. The Channeling Void reminds me a lot of the French scene of the late 90ies, much like I’ve felt for the later Marduk albums. It has the same extreme hatefilled and brutal sound and boundary pushing musicianship of acts such as Antaeus and Arkhon Infaustus. SauroN keeps one foot steady in the old school and the other one firmly in the forefront of battle, making this raging album extremely punishing. / Kristoffer & My Last Chapter
  • "Sauron stand for very rhythmic panzer black metal with almost militaristic bass/drums foundations, insane screamed growling and some elements of brutal death metal." / Georges & Pull The Chain
  • "To give you a small idea of what Sauron sounds like, think the current, what is known as Swedish Orthodox Black Metal scene. Thinks bands like Watain, Ondskapt, Heresi and Funeral Mist, combined with some parts of the French scene, Antaeus springs to mind. Buy this if you are into, cold, well played Black Metal with a clear message and agenda." Mordant & Minacious
  • "The mass of the sound conforms a solid monster that might submerge the listener into a violent whirlwind of dark emotions, embellished by subtle but audible tricks that enrich the whole. The sensation of unity is certainly strong, effectively achieved through a collection of melodies linked to create an overwhelming chaos harmony, a soundtrack for apocalypse." / Fjordi & Tartarean Desire
  • "The Channeling Void is the new album from SauroN and this stuff is literally armageddous in all degress. SauroN proves that Black Metal does not need to have a glossy production, but one that's grim, raw, and venomous." / Living For Metal
  • "The Channeling Void is monstrously aggressive and destructive for its entire duration, while being intelligent and atmospheric enough to remain engaging for its entire run time of forty-five minutes. If you spit at the current crop of mopey suicidal acts, pseudo-intellectual technical wankfests, and sleep-inducing ‘ambient-black metal' myspace abortions, and have grown similarly weary of the blasturbating grind-core shite passing itself off as aggressive black metal, you'd do well to look into Sauron; they are violence with a brain, wasting not a single note in their effort to lay waste to your senses and destroy you. Recommended with the most extreme prejudice imaginable." / Alex Donks & Diabolical Conquest
/DWP007/ FUNERAL GOAT - "Mass Ov Perversion" Gatefold LP - Black Metal

Funeral Goat - Mass Ov Perversion

From the darkest depths, from the deepest caverns ov unexistence, the unholy prayers for the coming ov the Lord echo and thunder high and low. Eternally dedicated to the glory of our Master, FUNERAL GOAT is a channel of His will. This unholy entity, summoned by His loyal servants, - HerrAIDS and Ludas - manifests itself in a form of pure Orthodox Devilworship! No beautiful melodies, just pure religious exaltation and Satanic devotion. Influenced by and dedicated to such prophets, as VON, Beherit, Archgoat and War, FUNERAL GOAT spreads the Gospel of Ancient Black / Death. Primitive and raw, yet entrancing and hypnotic chants, played solely for His glory and in His name!
Raw primitive Goatworshipping insanity! Unleashed by DWP on CD on the 14th of august 2009, hereby we announce the LP version with two exclusive bonus tracks! Preorders accepted!
Communion ov the Black Lord - prayers are spoken backwards for the glory of our Master!
"Mass Ov Perversion" received tremendous feedback from nearly all reviewers!
  • "Mass ov Perversion will eviscerate you and leave you crying in agony in the damp earth!" / Brad Smith & Nocturnal Cult
  • "Mass ov Perversion has become a fine album to those who believe that the scene has not yielded anything interesting and furious enough for like fifteen years or so." / Neithan & Lords Of Metal
  • "I definitely recommend this album! Buy or die!" / O.O & Funeral March
  • "Funeral Goat sounds oldskool as fukk in the early: South American and Scandinavian vein. Inspired by gods such as: SACROFAGO, BEHERIT, BATHORY,VON and HELLHAMMER! Total satanic goat worshipping including lots of tempo ranges and possessed vocals from the deepest pit of hell! Best black metal album of the last century and definitely a must for every hellbanger around!" / Patchman Marco & Violent Moshground Mag.
  • "Mass ov Perversion is beefy, the fuzzed out guitars cruising over blast beats while the charnel vocals of HerrAIDs bark off into the Satanic night. Being that they are in Sauron, they have little to prove here. Funeral Goat is going to appeal to fans of really raw, old school black. It's messy and charming, grim and nocturnal!" / From the Dust Returned
  • "...Remember when Black metal needed to be raw, primitive and just full of so much verb that everthing echoed to the gates of hell? Well, this is what Funeral Goat is. There is not much to say here other then Bestial Warlust, Beherit and Mythos would be damn proud to add them to there collective of madness!" / Absolute Zero Media

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