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DIOCLETIAN - Doom Cult - OUT NOW !!!

DIOCLETIAN - Doom Cult - OUT NOW !!!

Also from Ryan Forster of Blasphemy & Ross Bay Cult label !!!


DIOCLETIAN (NZ) has now released the militant attack known as �Doom Cult�! http://www.invictusproductions.net

I have contributed to this masterpiece of extremity with the track �Antichrist Hammerfist�.
To commemorate this conspiracy we have unleashed some high quality t-shirts.
Price: $16.00USD + postage
Front print designed by the band and back print designed by me. Go to my site http://members.shaw.ca/superion/kill.html for pics or else http://www.doomcult.net for more info.

"Doom Cult" is by far the most crushing and frenzied album I've heard since "War Cult Supremacy" and anything by REVENGE! INSANE!!!!!!!!


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